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Drone Buying Guide

What is a drone? A ‘drone’ is the term used to describe an unmanned aerial vehicle, likewise known as a UAV. The aircraft is normally zipped a pilot located at ground degree making use of a remote transmitter. Drones can be found in all sizes and shapes, whether is be a micro-quad copter that can…

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Hubsan H507A Review

Hubsan H507A Review Introduction Hubsan have upped their video game with the H507A bringing some great functions for a really cost effective cost. The drone itself is piloted via a clever tool such as a phone or tablet as well as is connected via the X-Hubsan application making use of a Wi-Fi connection. The format…

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XK X251 Review

XK X251 Evaluation Overview Let’s have a quick review prior to we get into the XK X251 evaluation. The X251 is the best drone for pilots aiming to proceed from cleaned toy grade designs, to speedier more active quad copters. The drone comes ready to fly and only weighs 205 grams, suggesting that it does…

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