13 Best DJI Phantom 3 Accessories

Finest DJI Phantom 3 Accessories Listing

Spare Battery– A must have!

Any type of drone pilot will certainly inform you how important having a spare battery is. There’s nothing worse than having to quit flying due to the fact that you’re battery is about to pass away.

Conserve on your own the pain and acquire some spares. Although they’re rather pricey they make the flying experience a hell of a great deal far better.

Having a number of extra batteries offers you a bit a lot more liberty in the air too. This is fantastic as it allows you to scope out some new shots and offers you an on the whole a lot more unwinded flight.

This actually is a have to have DJI Phantom 3 device for any type of significant drone pilot.

Battery Billing Dock

Most pilots tend to have a number of batteries for their drones and also require a means of quickly as well as effectively billing them up. This is where a battery billing dock is available in.

This billing dock is really a pretty brilliant piece of package. It has the ability to immediately discover just how much power each battery has. It will then systematically bill each battery consequently, starting from the flattest.

This is a substantial time saver as you do not need to keep coming back to examine as well as swap the batteries. All you have to do is connect in the 3 batteries and also return a little while later. Simple.

This lacks an uncertainty one of the most effective DJI Phantom 3 accessories if you have a lot of batteries.

Charging terminal phantom

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Prop Guards– A needs to have!

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pilot, something out of your control can always go wrong.

Having prop guards will reduce any kind of damages required to your drone, particularly to the props themselves. The problem of your drones’ props is exceptionally vital, as even a minor defect can trigger a problem to happen.

Prop guards are specifically vital if you’re a novice leaflet who doesn’t have much experience piloting a drone. They’ll allow you to find out with less worry about breaking your drone.

A range of prop guards are available, some you can completely connect, whilst others can be mounted through a quick release system.

best dji phantom 3 accessories

When utilizing prop guards, constantly make certain that they are installed appropriately and firmly before removing. The last point you desire is for one to begin coming loose mid-flight.

Sun Shade– A needs to have if you’re flying with a tablet

Flying your drone in the sunlight is a great method to spend your time; it allows you to capture some remarkable video whilst also getting a little a tan.

Regrettably, intense sunlight does trigger some troubles for us drone pilots. Fortunately however, a sunshade is an extremely affordable device for your Phantom 3.

A sunshade is particularly vital if you’re piloting your drone with a tablet, as they often tend to obtain a lot of sunlight glow

If you’re aiming to catch some stunning airborne imagery, than a sunshade is among the best DJI Phantom 3 accessories for you.

They enable you to have a clear and also undisturbed view of the online responses being shown on your tools screen.

best dji phantom 3 accessories

This is especially important as it enables you to see what you’re catching and decide whether you intend to do that shot again.

Transmitter Stickers– Terrific For Finding Out To Fly

Finding out to fly a drone can be a daunting process, which joystick does what? What’s pitch? Yaw? Roll?

Fortunately, these stickers will help you involve terms with your transmitter and also obtain a much better understanding of what each command does.

These are an unbelievably inexpensive and also a very useful DJI Phantom 3 Accessory for any person looking to learn just how to pilot their drone.

best dji phantom 3 devices

Gimbal Guard

Unfortunately for us, drone video cameras and gimbals are exceptionally essential, yet exceptionally delicate. They lay dauntingly short and also any kind of variety of negative touchdowns might wind up making them pointless.

Fortunately, you can obtain a third party gimbal guard extremely low-cost on Amazon.com, and also I assure you this will certainly conserve your electronic camera as well as gimbal at the very least once.

If you think of it, what’s the cost of the gimbal guard when contrasted to the price of dealing with/ changing the entire gimbal or video camera?

The gimbal guard itself attaches to each touchdown skid as well as supplies a barrier in between the cam & gimbal, and the ground. It is exceptionally light-weight, evaluating only 0.3 ounces/ 8.5 grams.

This suggests it will certainly have basically no impact on your drones’ flight time and also it permits you to fly as normal.

best dji phantom 3 devices.

For the rate, it actually is one of the very best DJI Phantom 3 devices.

Not available any longer.

Landing Equipment Stabilizers.

Touchdown equipment stabilisers are among the most effective accessories for the DJI Phantom 3 that wont cost a fortune.

If you do not such as the suggestion of landing your drone straight on the ground, these stabilisers will certainly can be found in useful. They raise the drone 1-inch from the ground as well as likewise offer it with a broader stance for take off and landings.

This is extremely handy if you’re taking off as well as touchdown somewhere that could create damages to your drone i.e. on a coastline or on snow.

These DJI Phantom 3 landing gear stabilisers are developed for fast installment, being able to conveniently break on and off when ever you please.

No more available.

best dji phantom 3 devices.

Landing Pad.

This is an alternative to the touchdown equipment stabilisers we simply discussed. Some pilots favor not to affix any kind of excess weight to their drone, going with devices such as a landing pad rather.

The landing pad barely considers a thing and has the ability to be folded down to a small dimension, making it incredibly easy to carry.

If you think taking off from the ground might present some form of risk to your drone, it’s finest to play it safe and use the touchdown pad. I discover them suitable for when I am on the coastline, as getting sand in the electric motors can be damaging to the drone.

Considering this point will set you back less than 15 bucks, it’s a no brainer.

Filters– A needs to have if you’re filming top quality work.

If you’re serious about videotaping some premium quality, expert looking footage, then lens filters are a need to have.

The DJI Phantom 3’s electronic camera is excellent, there’s no rejecting that. Nonetheless using filters when capturing can take your footage to the following level.

They decrease glare, allow you to slow down the shutter speed and also generally just provide a better-looking photo (giving you selected the right filter).

A collection of filters will generally feature a neutral thickness filter (ND), UV filters and also circular polarising filters.

best dji phantom 3 accessories.

Claim for example you’ve got an incredible shot you wish to take, however the sun is truly intense and also it mores than subjected. You can stick an ND filter to your drone’s cam, which will certainly lower the amount of light it will certainly receive.

Video camera filters are definitely among the best Phantom 3 accessories for both filmmakers and digital photographers alike.


I don’t learn about you, yet when I’ve been flying a long time my arms begin to hurt a little bit. Having a lanyard makes holding your transmitter less complicated as well as also quits you from dropping it on the flooring.

If you were to drop your transmitter, you also take the chance of damaging what-ever mobile phone that you are utilizing. It’s likewise crucial that you have a fully working transmitter whilst you’re flying, and repetitively dropping your transmitter could trigger interior damage that you may be unaware of.

A bit ago I dropped my transmitter just as I was establishing and about to begin filming. Sadly this totally destroyed by transmitter, yet I was lucky sufficient that my iPad Mini 4 received little damage … Safe to say I learned my lesson as well as without delay bought a lanyard.

best dji phantom 3 devices.

Although it’s not a should have, a lanyard is certainly one of the most effective Phantom 3 devices as well as won’t break the bank either.

DJI Phantom 3 Signal Boosters.

Up next on our list of the most effective DJI Phantom 3 accessories is signal boosters. Although the DJI Phantom 3 collection has a quite suitable array, it still can not match that of its much more expensive equivalents, such as the Phantom 4.

Having a signal booster not just boosts your drones optimal variety, but enables a far more secure link in between the drone as well as the online feed presented on your gadget.

You might have observed that often your online feedback delays or may even completely removed.

Sadly that’s the reality of piloting a drone, however these signal boosters can aid deal with that issue.

They permit you to develop a much more secure signal with your drone and also provide you with a lag complimentary online feed.

best dji phantom 3 devices.

This need to permit you to fly the drone with more precision and consequently provide wonderful looking shots.

When you’re utilizing the signal boosters, have the antenna dealing with in the basic instructions of your drone, the same as you would with the normal antenna.

iPad Mini– A Must Have?

In my mind, having a tablet such as an iPad Mini 4 is up there with among the most effective Phantom 3 accessories you can get.

Piloting with a tablet supplies you with a clear as well as clean sight of the screen. Filmmakers out there know the value of being able to have a clear sight of what they’re recording. Utilizing an iPad Mini is a fantastic method of doing this.

It deserves noting that the iPad is available in 2 alternatives, Wi-Fi only cellular as well as Wi-Fi. If you chose the Wi-Fi only alternative, you will not be able to use functions such as follow me, neither will certainly you have the ability to change your home factor mid-flight.

The tablet itself is greater than efficient in running the DJI Go App, and is unbelievably portable, something that to me is really important.

best dji phantom 3 accesories.

Manfrotto D1 Backpack– A need to have!

The last thing on our listing is the of the best DJI Phantom 3 devices, is the Manfrotto D1 knapsack.

Piloting with a tablet computer gives you with a clear and also minimalist sight of the display.

Filmmakers available understand the value of having the ability to have a clear view of what they’re tape-recording. Making use of an iPad Mini 4 is a fantastic way of doing this.

It deserves noting that the iPad can be found in two choices, Wi-Fi only cellular and also Wi-Fi. If you picked the Wi-Fi only choice, you will not be able to take advantage of features such as follow me, neither will you be able to change your residence point mid-flight.

The tablet computer itself is greater than capable of running the DJI Go Application, and is incredibly mobile, something that to me is very vital.

best DJI phantom 3 devices.

Why Do We Required Devices?

The truth of the matter is, we do not REQUIRED accessories for our drones. BUT, they sure as heck make flying a great deal far better.

Who would not desire increased flight times, added range and also the capacity to shoot lovely looking footage?

I myself have a little an accessory ‘addiction’, as I discover them so valuable and also practical to utilize.

Which accessories you choose are up to you!

Additionally, if you would like to see any longer info on the DJI Phantom 3, head over to the DJI web site.

Finest DJI Phantom 3 Accessories Round Up.

Thanks for taking the time to read our post on the 13 best DJI Phantom 3 devices.

If you’ve obtained any kind of inquiries or referrals, please do not hesitate to comment listed below.


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