Abu Garcia has actually lately come to be as popular a brand name as Shimano, Daiwa, or KastKing. This firm makes very top quality and at the same time cost-effective angling reels.

Although at first, this company was normally taken part in the production of taximeters, watches, as well as other mechanical tools. This company has actually been on the market given that 1880 and has a rather abundant background.

The business has been making fishing reels for 65 years– considering that 1955. In America, regarding the reels of Abu Garcia learned just to the 60s. In practically any type of testimonial or top of baitcasting angling reels, you’ll certainly locate 1-2 versions from Abu Garcia. And this is not without reason.

The supplier operates in a rather wide range and does not the only baitcasting, spinning, as well as fly reels, however also hooks, attractions, and other fishing equipment.



And if Shimano and also Daiwa put a very high price for their reels, due to the fact that they understand that their products remain in need as well as they’re doing top quality things, after that Abu Garcia is not like that. Yes, this firm additionally makes superb tools. However just these people do not request for a fortune for their items.

That’s why I determined to do a comprehensive review on this reel. Abu Garcia Black Max has outstanding attributes. However with all this, it’s not so expensive. You have to pay only around $ 50 for this design.

Now allow’s proceed to the fishing reel itself.



To be sincere, for the price I expected to see a low-grade attract a cheap cardboard box. But promptly starting with the product packaging, BMax 3 happy us. The reel is packaged in a tedious black box with the firm logo design on the side and also technological information regarding the reel on the various other. Every little thing is performed with style and quality.

Abu Garcia 1365366 Black Max Low Profile Reel, 6.4: 1 Gear Ratio, 5 Bearings, 26″ Retrieve Rate, 18Lb Max Drag, RH, Boxed

Abu Garcia 1365366 Black Max Low Profile Reel, 6.4: 1 Gear Ratio, 5 Bearings, 26" Retrieve Rate, 18Lb Max Drag, RH, Boxed
Abu Garcia 1365366 Black Max Low Profile Reel, 6.4: 1 Gear Ratio, 5 Bearings, 26″ Retrieve Rate, 18Lb Max Drag, RH, Boxed

Right out of package we get the fishing reel itself. The producer says it considers 7.03 ounces. In fact, my ranges revealed a weight of 7.37 ounces, including the spool and also line. A spindle with a wound line evaluates 0.84 ounces. The weight of the cord from my experience on such a deep spool has to do with 7-8 grams or 0.2-0.3 ounces.

Based on this, we can instantly think about the series of attractions with which this reel will work well. A minimum of 0.2-0.3 ounces and also as much as 1-1.2 ounces will be a really comfy actors. The structure and also side panels of the reel are made totally of graphite. Nearly everywhere I didn’t discover reaction or shake.

Black Max deals with are very comfy. The handle is light weight aluminum, which offers us the potential for tuning (you can set up a light-weight carbon handle). Handles are made from rubber as well as almost don’t slip also when the hands remain in fish mucus. Such knobs are also on more pricey reels, so this remedy from Abu Garcia is extremely outstanding.

The spool does not have a side opening have and also the opening of the spool itself is also negligible.

Pertaining to alternatives, the maker supplies you 2 kinds of Abu Garcia Black Max: for the left hand and for the right-hand man. This is really convenient as well as regardless of whether you are right-handed or left-handed, you can constantly select the kind of reel on your own.


The brake system of this reel is sent by 2 brake systems. This is generally an axial brake and a magnetic brake system. Let’s talk independently concerning each.

The magnetic brake system is made quite qualitatively in the form of a horseshoe with 5 magnets mounted on it. Its adjustment is executed as basic– the adjustment knob is on the side cover.

Brake System Abu Garcia Black Max

I wish to note a great understanding of the body in a magnetic brake system. The construction centers the whole magnetic element, which stops the bracket from turning relative to the spool.

The axle brake design is quite common. The brake is hidden behind a carbon washing machine and nut. There are no micro-clicks or something like that here. However provided the cost of the reel, this is not a large minus.


Prior to beginning the evaluation, I evaluated this reel. As well as judging by exactly how smooth the controls were, I believed that there were 7-8 bearings like Shimano or more pricey brands. Yet I was really shocked when I dismantled Bmax and saw that there were just 4 ball bearings + 1 roller. Despite this, the reel acts very stably and also efficiently.

The gear proportion here is 6.4:1. Numerous believe that this is not the most effective gear proportion. Yet in practice, it’s quick adequate to return the line and not too quick for reactionary lures.


Here we have a Power Disk Drag System. Really easy as well as plain being used drag, which always works stably. When fishing, simply tighten up the drag down and also control the line a little with your thumb with solid swings of the watercraft. Black Max will do the remainder of the work itself.

If you make use of both deep-sea and also shallow-water strategies, this reel has sufficient winding power for both.

The celebrity is frictional as well as has a micro-click, which in my viewpoint is rather a pleasurable moment. However on the other hand, clicks are commonly extremely loud and enthusiasts of “silent” angling may not like this.


I examined this reel on two sorts of lures. On bottom-contact attractions, such as rigs and jigs, and on relocating appeals, such as wobblers and also jerk baits. In both instances, the Bmax performed well. Yet with relocating lures, Abu Garcia Black Max functions just tiptop. It showed itself finest on wobblers.

I handled to capture the tuna at 10 pounds as well as I never ever felt that the reel is unpredictable or irrepressible. Yet when I captured the 19 pound. bass, I had to make a little effort to pull it out. So I can comfortably state that this reel deals with fish approximately 18 pounds flawlessly.

I always tighten up the drag down as well as have nearly no problems with the smooth access of the line.

In solid winds or rain, Abu Garcia additionally acts at a high level. You can don’t be afraid to fish in the rain thanks to the graphite body. Graphite is immune to rust, which means that you definitely will not have problems with this. The line never drifted or dangled in the wind thanks to the top quality monitoring of the line. Likewise, rubber knobs played their role here. Because of rainfall and fish scum, I had really slippery hands. Thanks to the handles, reel control has actually always been dependable.

Various Images Abu Garcia Black Max

Various Images Abu Garcia Black Max
Various Images Abu Garcia Black Max

Secret Features of The Abu Garcia Black Max:

Graphite structure and side plates

4 stainless-steel round bearings + 1 roller bearing

Star drag with micro-click

Dual brake system with axis and magnetic brakes

The gear proportion of 6.4:1

Aluminum manage

Rubber knobs

Power disk drag system

Machined light weight aluminum spool

Measurements: 7 x 4 x 3 inches

Weight: 7.3 oz.

Color: red as well as black



Stainless steel bearings

Smooth performance

Star drag has a micro-click

Comfortable rubber knobs


Strong construct quality

The take care of can be boosted

No body backlash

Top quality brake system


The spindle does not have side perforation

No anti-reverse bearing

Axial brake hasn’t micro-clicks

Reel axis isn’t helped with


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