13 Best DJI Mavic Pro Accessories

Finest Mavic Pro Devices Listing:

Spare Batteries– A Must Have!

To begin with on our list of the most effective DJI Mavic pro accessories is an extra battery (a minimum of one!).

Although the Mavic sporting activities a 27-minute flight time, having an extra battery or 2 is a need to have.

27-minutes can go quite rapidly when you’re flying a drone and can be over before you recognize it. It’s a pretty rubbish feeling when you have actually reached stop filming when you have actually lacked batteries.

Having at the very least one spare battery will increase your flight time and also give you with a lot of liberty in the air.

Knowing that you have extra batteries permits you take your time and also pull of some outstanding shots. If you’re not pleased with them, you can constantly re-shoot with out the anxiety of lacking batteries.

best dji mavic professional accessories

Although they’re expensive, having an extra battery or more is vital to any type of drone pilot. They’re most definitely one of the most effective Mavic Pro accessories for any kind of owner.

Filters– A must have for filmmakers and also photographers

If you have actually got a DJI Mavic Pro, the chances are you’re aiming to fire some aerial photos or videos.

It holds true that the Mavic Pro has an incredible electronic camera, yet it isn’t perfect. Having a set of ND filters can truly take your video footage to the next level.

If you’re flying on a bright day, over exposure can totally destroy your shot. You can connect a neutral density (ND) filter to your drone to restrict the amount of light that the camera picks up.

Likewise, when an ND filter is applied to your drones’ cam, you’re able to lower its shutter speed without the shot moring than revealed. This permits you to fire some remarkable looking pictures with your drone!

best dji mavic pro devices

This collection includes 6 DJI Mavic Pro filters, containing:







It’s secure to claim ND filters are one of the most effective DJI Mavic Pro devices for major filmmakers and digital photographers.

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Extra Propellers– Have To Have!

Propellers are one of one of the most vital parts of your drone. It’s exceptionally vital that they’re kept in top condition with out any scratches or problems.

Also the smallest fault in your drones’ propellers can have dreadful results.

It’s constantly best to play it safe when it concerns propellers and also having an extra set is an extremely, great concept.

Although they are essential, they’re extremely vulnerable and tend to be simple to break. The good news is for us, spare propellers are pretty cheap, so it may be a good idea to pick up a couple of collections.

When installing brand-new propellers, make the effort to make certain they are correctly fasted to the drone. They’re quite very easy to affix, but it is worth taking added treatment whilst you’re doing this.

best dj mavic pro devices.

iPad Mini.

Being able to have a clear sight of what your drone is recording is unbelievably important for both filmmakers and also photographers.

When I first started flying drones I utilized to use my mobile phone to pilot my drone. That was up until I got an iPad Mini. It makes it much easier to see the online feedback from your drones’ video camera, as well as permits you to shoot with more accuracy.

It deserves noting that the iPad Mini 4 can be found in 2 ranges, WI-FI only as well as mobile as well as Wi-Fi.

Have a Wi-Fi just device means you can not take advantage of the drones’ follow me function. You’re also incapable to alter your house factor once the drone has actually removed. If you’re not interested in making use of these functions, then a Wi-Fi just design will be greater than appropriate as well as a little bit cheaper.

best dji mavic professional devices.

If you’re seeking to obtain one of the most out of your drone, after that a tablet computer such as an iPad Mini is among the very best Mavic Pro devices for you. If this does not take your fancy, be sure to check out our listing of the best tablet computers suitable with the DJI Mavic Pro.

Tablet Owner + Lanyard.

If like me, you choose piloting your drone with a tablet, you’re going to require a tablet holder.

If your tablet computer is longer than 6.8 inches as well as thicker than 0.34 inches, a tablet holder will be called for.

Thankfully, they’re unbelievably budget-friendly as well as simple to connect to your transmitter.

No tools are called for; you simply just position it inside your transmitters gadget clamps. The tablet holder is also mounted by means of a revolving gimbal that permits you to have the tablet computer at the desired angle.

This holder particularly is the number 1 finest marketing tablet holder for the DJI Mavic Pro.

best dji mavic professional devices.

It’s built out of air travel aluminium-alloy as well as high quality ABDOMINAL that is not just durable, yet also exceptionally light-weight.

The tablet comes together with a lanyard that you can affix to your transmitter. This makes holding your controller a lot easier as well as also avoids you from dropping it on the flooring (something I have however done).

Examine Prices.

Sunlight Color– A must have if your flying with a tablet!

Traveling in the sun is incredible, there’s nothing far better than taking your Mavic out for a spin on a nice summers day.

Regrettably, flying on a warm day isn’t as easy as it might appear.

The sunlight produces a glare on the gadgets display, which makes it difficult to see what’s going on. This is especially real when flying with a tablet computer.

Having a sunshade for your gadget will certainly combat this problem and also provide you with a clear as well as uninterrupted view of the display.

This is particularly important for those of you that are wanting to fly utilizing FPV as well as are recording with your Mavic Pro. Glow on your screen will certainly make it difficult to see what you’re tape-recording as well as you will not understand if you require to shoot it once more.

best dji mavic pro accessories.

For anyone flying in the brilliant problems, a sunshade is just one of the best DJI Mavic Pro accessories.

DJI Mavic Pro Range Extender.

Another terrific accessory for your Mavic pro is an array extender. These Windsurfer extenders are lightweight, mobile and also provide a boost in your drones’ optimum array.

It deserves noting that when you’re flying your drone, you must always maintain it in line of site at all times. In fact, this is the legislation in the majority of nations.

Before you fly it is constantly a good idea to brush up on the regulations for your country/area.

These range extenders do a lot more than just boost your Mavic’s maximum control range.

They enable your transmitter to establish a stronger connection to the Mavic Pro; this enables the live comments to be extra stable without lag or technical disturbances.

best dji mavic professional accessories.

When you’re utilizing these extenders, make sure they are encountering the basic instructions of the Mavic Pro for optimum performance.

Touchdown Gear Extensions.

Up following on our listing of the very best DJI Mavic Pro accessories are Touchdown equipment expansions. These are a terrific alternative to a landing a pad and also have actually come to be a go to device for DJI Mavic Pro pilots.

These extensions raise the DJI Mavic Pro 5cm higher and also are likewise created to function as shock absorbers.

As I formerly pointed out, the Mavic Pro relaxes tantalisingly short, that makes removing in some areas unsafe.

These will certainly safeguard your Mavic Pro from any undesirable bumps or trembles when touchdown.

Not only are they cheap, they’re additionally really lightweight. Evaluating just 27.9 grams, they will have virtually no result on your Mavic flight time.

best dji mavic professional accessories.

These landing gear extensions specifically have actually gotten an abundance of praise and also have generated a collection extremely ranked evaluations on Amazon.com.

Knapsack– Need to Have!

No drone set up is total with out a knapsack or instance. The Lowepro Sight Factor BP 250 is an outstanding instance of a top quality knapsack for your DJI Mavic Pro.

Lowepro are a world-renowned supplier of excellent quality cam devices as well as equipment. The BP 250 is no exemption.

This is really a multi-purpose knapsack and also can be used to carry regular cam tools, and even the DJI Spark.

Inside the backpack you can fit your DJI Mavic Pro, transmitter, 15″ laptop, 10″ tablet computer, extra propellers as well as charging cable televisions.

The Lowepro BP 250 is created with portability in mind. It considers just 2.75 pounds and is small sufficient to be made use of as carry on baggage for trips. This is terrific if you’re wanting to go taking a trip with your Mavic Pro.

best dji mavic pro devices.

Setting you back less than $100, this truly is one of the best Mavic Pro devices around.

DJI Mavic Pro Hard Case– Need To have!

If you’re trying to find something a bit a lot more heavy duty to secure your Mavic Pro, then this hard case is the excellent solution.

The Nanuk water resistant hard case is just one of the very best in the business and also developed to give your DJI Mavic Pro with the ultimate defense.

The beyond the case is produced utilizing sturdy and also premium quality material that offers high effect resistance for your devices.

The inside of the case is loaded with customized coat foam to perfectly house the Mavic Pro as well as accessories.

It can be utilized to save the Mavic Pro, transmitter, 4 batteries, ND filters and charging cable televisions. If you’re really feeling innovative, you can additionally cut your very own customized openings into the shock taking in foam.

best dji mavic professional devices.

The Nanuk is IP67 water-proof ranked, which means that it can be submerged in water at 3ft for half an hour without negative result to the equipment inside. I doubt your mosting likely to be going swimming with your Mavic any time quickly, however it’s nice to understand that you can!

Additionally, if you’re not a follower of the color, you’ll be pleased to hear it is available in orange, yellow, black, silver, graphite and also olive.

Delight Stick Protector– Ideal value.

When taking a trip with your Mavic Pro, it is necessary that you take great treatment of both the drone and the transmitter.

Joystick guards are a cost reliable way of guaranteeing that your joysticks stay in good condition.

Having a malfunctioning joystick can be harmful to your drone and taking a trip with your transmitter is an easy means to damage it.

These protectors specifically expense less than 10 dollars and function as both a screen and joystick protector. You can take a trip very easy recognizing your devices is safe.

best dji mavic professional devices.

SD Card– Should Have!

To rap up our checklist of the most effective DJI Mavic Pro accessories, we have an extra SD card.

Especially with the Mavic Pro, it is necessary that you have an SD card that suffices to store high quality video.

The SD card included in this short article is a 64GB course 10 micro-SD card that is perfect for saving your Mavic’s 4k video footage.

This is just one of one of the most preferred SD cards for Mavic Pilots because of its fast read and also compose rate and also affordable cost.

This is just one of the most effective DJI Mavic Pro accessories for filmmakers and photographers who will be firing regularly.

best dji mavic pro devices.


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