The Best DJI Phantom 4 Backpacks & Cases

Finest DJI Phantom 4 Backpacks Listing:

Manfrotto D1 Backpack– Ideal Phantom 4 Backpack For Filmmakers & Photographers


Dimension (LWH): 13.4 ″ X 9 ″ X 22 ″/ 34 cm X 23cm X 56cm

Weight: 4.18 pounds/ 1.9 kg.


Room for lots of devices.

Comes with waterproof cover.

External tripod hook.

Can fit a DSLR in addition to drone.


Space for a great deal of accessories.

Outside tripod hook.

Waterproof cover.

Allows you to get your drone in the extremely fast.


Pretty bulky.


The initial thing on our checklist of the very best DJI Phantom 4 knapsacks is the Manfrotto D1.

Manfrotto are a preferred manufacture of camera devices, the D1 backpack being their initial item developed especially for the DJI Phantom series.

I’ve utilized the Manfrotto a lot over the past year and also I can securely claim it does not dissatisfy. It can save a tonne of equipment as well as is exceptionally easy to carry, making it one of the very best Phantom 4 backpacks for filmmakers and also photographers with a lot of equipment.


In terms of security, the Manfrotto D1 backpack has a whole lot to provide. As I formerly mentioned, I’ve been using the D1 a great deal of the past year as well as I’ve never ever had anything damaged inside.

The exterior of the D1 is very stiff and supplies wonderful defense for your devices. Inside is also well padded to cushion your drone whilst you’re on the move.

The Manfrotto D1 likewise comes alongside a totally free rain guard that can be put over the knapsack if it starts raining. In a similar way, the D1 has a water resistant finish that includes one more layer of protection for your Phantom 4.

best dji phantom 4 backpacks and also instances.

Storage space.

The D1’s storage is where the knapsack actually shines. Manfrotto have actually created the knapsack with filmmakers as well as professional photographers in mind, supplying sufficient area for other camera tools alongside the Phantom drone.

The backpack itself is cluttered with areas and also pockets for an array of equipment.

Inside the backpack you can fit a DJI Phantom 4, transmitter, charging wires, DSLR (with lens attached), 3 spare batteries/ 3 spare lenses, ND filters, laptop computer (15″) and also a tablet computer (7″).

Certainly, you can utilize the areas to store what ever you desire. As an example I use among the inner pockets to bring along my Go Pro as well as head/chest strap. These three padded pockets inside the knapsack are also removable, permitting you to utilise the inner room to bring devices other than a drone.


When creating the D1 knapsack, it is apparent that Manfrotto had convenience in mind.

The Manfrotto D1 is the best backpack for walking cross countries with your drone, as the waistline and also chest bands can be utilized to relieve the pressure off your back.

The rear of the D1 is very well padded which acts a bit of a cushion between you and the backpack, lowering any discomfort.

best dji phantom 4 backpacks and also cases.

With all this room and protection you would certainly expect the knapsack to be incredibly hefty. As a matter of fact, it’s the contrary. The D1 is used light-weight material as well as evaluates an overall of 1.9 kg,.

If you can’t tell currently, I am a SUBSTANTIAL fan of the Manfrotto D1 as well as truthfully assume it is the best DJI Phantom 4 backpack available! If you’re not convinced, take a look at our full testimonial of the Manfrotto D1 as well as you quickly will certainly be.

SmaTree SmaPac DJI Phantom 4 Backpack– Great Value For Money.


Size: 33.5 x 52 x 22cm.

Weight: 3lb/ 1.36 kg.


Backpack for initial Styrofoam situation.

Space for a tablet computer approximately 9.7″.

Cans store up to 4 extra batteries.

best dji phantom 4 backpacks as well as cases.



Easy to bring.


Can accumulate to 4 batteries.


Pretty cumbersome.


The SmaPac Phantom 4 backpack is a cheap and also cheerful remedy for moving your drone.

Setting you back less than $60, it’s one of the cheapest products on our checklist of the very best DJI Phantom 4 backpacks and instances. Although extremely low-cost, the SmaPac is really excellent quality and does a superb work of shielding your drone whilst you get on the go.


Have you ever before listened to the expression “don’t repair what isn’t damaged”? Well, SmaTree most definitely have and they have actually applied it to their Phantom 4 knapsack.

The SmaPac is developed to house the initial Styrofoam container that the Phantom 4 is shipped in. This both minimizes the general cost of their knapsack and also still offers sufficient security to the drone.

The outside material of the backpack isn’t one of the most inflexible and does not offer as much defense as a few other products on our checklist, yet will certainly be more than adequate for small trips with your drone.

Storage space.

The primary compartment of the SmaPac is sized to fit the Phantom 4’s Styrofoam container, which can naturally hold the drone as well as transmitter.

Found on top of the backpack is a compartment with customisable cells that can be utilized to keep Phantom 4 batteries or be gotten used to fit your details devices.

A zip pocked has actually likewise been placed at the rear of the SmaPac that can store a tablet up to 9.7″. In addition to this, 2 pouches are located at either side that can be made use of to store spare sets of propellers.

best dji phantom 4 knapsacks and cases.

best dji phantom 4 backpacks and also instances.


The SmaPack has a conventional backpack layout, with 2 cushioned shoulder bands and also a midsection strap.

The backpack likewise weighs 1.3 kg, making it the lightest product on our listing as well as exceptionally simple to lug.

Overall, there isn’t a much better worth for money Phantom 4 knapsack around. If you get on a spending plan as well as looking for a budget friendly bag for your drone, the SmaCase is just one of the very best DJI Phantom 4 knapsacks for you.

DJI Phantom Series Multifunctional Backpack– Authorities DJI Knapsack.


Dimension: 210 × 330 × 530 mm.

Weight: 5.5 pounds/ 2.5 kg.


Official DJI product.

Thick skin outside.

Water immune.

Can save a laptop as much as 15″.

best dji phantom 4 backpacks and instances.


Extremely high quality.

Water resistant.

Great storage space.


Free shipping.


Fairly pricey (common DJI product).


This is the only authorities DJI product on our list of the most effective DJI Phantom 4 knapsacks as well as cases. Although pretty expensive, the DJI Phantom series backpack is made to an incredibly high criterion and also can sustain the many bumps and also knocks that you can anticipate when delivering a drone.


The outside of the DJI knapsack is included 2 materials, a thick skin structure with 2 padded zipper areas.

The thick skin structure is incredibly strong and supplies a major quantity of security to your drone inside.

DJI have actually made their knapsack water resistant, which is very essential to drone pilots, as most of us recognize how harmful moisture is to drones.

The inside of the backpack is perfectly cushioned as well as created to perfectly house the DJI Phantom and devices.


In spite of its little layout, the DJI knapsack can fit an unexpected quantity of devices.

Inside the case you can fit:.

Phantom collection aircraft × 1.

Phantom collection remote controller × 1.

Phantom collection battery × 3.

Phantom series propellers × 12.

Phantom collection Battery Charger × 1.

15 inch laptop computer × 1.

Basically, the DJI backpack can keep every little thing you require for a successful trip, without being extremely sized.

best dji phantom 4 knapsacks as well as instances.


Obviously, one of one of the most vital components of a knapsack is comfort. You’ll be pleased to understand that when DJI do something, they do it right.

Their Phantom 4 knapsack is the excellent example of this, developed to be both practical and also incredibly comfy.

Extra padding is located at the back of the knapsack for an added layer of padding. This enables it to rest pleasantly on your back, also over a long duration.

The two shoulder bands are additionally padded to decrease any kind of friction between the knapsack and your body.

Although pricey, the DJI knapsack is very premium quality as well as will certainly supply your drone with a serious quantity of defense whilst you’re on the move, making it one of the best DJI Phantom 4 knapsacks available.

Inspect Costs.

Finest DJI Phantom 4 Cases Checklist:.

Nanuk DJI Phantom 4 Waterproof Hard Case– Specialist Standard Hard Case.


Dimension: 25.1 x 19.9 x 8.8 inches.

Weight: 11.7 lbs/ 5.26 kg.


Inside foam cut to accuracy for DJI Phantom 4.


Impact-Resistant Nk-7 Resin.

Propellers can be left affixed.

Spherical edges for very easy & secure piling.


Exceptionally safety.


Can fit a lot of devices.

Will certainly last for a very long time.


Extremely hefty.



The initial item on our checklist of the very best DJI Phantom 4 instances is the Nanuk Hard Case. This is a specialist common hard case developed for the Phantom 4; thus the item is quite expensive as well as incredibly excellent quality.

The Nanuk DJI Phatom 4 Hard Case is readily available in a selection of colours, containing black, olive, orange, silver, yellow as well as graphite.


If you’re searching for a seriously safety instance for your Phantom 4, you remain in luck. The Nanuk Hard Case was developed to provide your drone with the supreme security.

The exterior of the Nanuk Phantom 4 Hard Case is made from exceptionally tough, effect resistant material. This material is created to take in the shock from any accidents, stopping your drone from enduring damage.

The case itself is water-proof, which is wonderful as it means you don’t have to worry about obtaining captured out in the rainfall with your drone.

Located on the within the situations roof is a layer of foam, which stops it from banging against the hard material of the situation.


The Nanuk DJI Phantom 4 Hard Case is wonderfully developed to completely utilities the inside space.

A foam container is cut to precision specifically for the DJI Phantom 4 and also accessories, meaning that they relax completely inside their ports with marginal activity.

There is additionally enough area to leave your props connected to your Phantom 4. This will certainly enable you to obtain your drone out of the situation as well as in the air really quickly.

best dji phantom 4 backpacks as well as situations.

Inside the hard case you can fit:.

DJI Phantom 4 (with props affixed).


4 batteries.

Tablet up to 7″ (completely fits iPad mini 4).

Billing cords.

Extra propellers.

If you’re a professional, or even a person that has a tendency to aim for an extended period of time, the Nanuk situation allows you to securely bring a lot of accessories alongside your drone.

Case Club Compact Waterproof Hard Case– Incredibly Portable.


Dimension: 21.0375 × 17 × 9.5 inches.

Weight: 11lbs/ 4.98 kg.


Water & dirt evidence.

Integrated in securing lock maintains case closed.

Armed forces quality polyethylene foam for maximum security.

Inspect Rates.

best dji phantom 4 backpacks and situations.


Very safety.

Water resistant.

Can fit a lot of devices.

Will last for a long time.





This is the initial of 2 Situation Club models on our checklist of the best DJI Phantom 4 instances and is designed to be a small, yet protective method of carrying your drone.

Being a whole lot smaller sized than a few of the other instances on our list, it is apparent that the Instance Club was made with mobility in mind. Although little, the Situation Club supplies great security as well as allows you to securely bring a fair amount of accessories alongside your drone.


The Situation Club is 100% water as well as dustproof, making it a fantastic alternative for pilots shooting in flexible settings that may position a risk to their drone.

The inside is filled with army grade, shock-absorbing foam that is reduced to house the DJI Phantom 4 specifically. This foam does an excellent job at sheltering your drone and maintaining it in place well.

Along the inside of the cover is a layer of foam that stops your tools from banging against the tough material of the instance. This likewise helps keeps your drone as well as accessories in place whilst you’re on the move.

Situation Club are known for developing a few of the most protective cases on the marketplace, and their DJI Phantom 4 hard cases are no exception. The material used is incredibly tough and will certainly no doubt safeguard your drone in a variety of circumstances.

If like me you get a little bit paranoid when transferring your drone, the Instance Club hard case is the ideal service.

Storage space.

Although portable in its style, the Carry Case still has sufficient room to house a substantial number of Phantom 4 devices. Carry Case have actually drone a terrific task at making use of the minimal room for optimum storage space.

For instance, inside the instance you can fit:.

DJI Phantom 4 (with battery).


6 extra batteries.

Flash memory card.


Battery charger and cable televisions.

Tablet up to 12 x 7 x 0.5 inches.

best dji phantom 4 backpacks as well as cases.

To be straightforward, that’s an impressive amount of accessories for not a lot of area. Fair play Carry Case!

Case Club Waterproof Phantom 4 Hard Case– Easy to Bring.


Dimension: 24.5 x 16.7 x 11 inches.

Weight: 7.6 pounds/ 3.44 kg.


100% Water resistant.

Tires & extension deal with for eastern transport.

Consists of 2 silica gels to remove moisture.

Accepted for airline company continue as well as lock suitable.

Army grade polyethylene foam for optimum protection.

Can fit a drone with props connected.

Life time assurance.

best dji phantom 4 backpacks and also instances.

Examine Costs.


Provides A Great Deal Of security.

Thanks to its wheeled style it is really simple to carry.

Consists of 2 complimentary silica gels.



Pretty costly.



Moving onto the 2nd Instance Club model on our checklist of the best DJI Phantom 4 backpacks & cases. This model possesses some minor distinctions from the situation we simply discussed and thus, is slightly extra pricey.

This situation goes along side 2 silica gels that can be used to reduce the moisture inside the situation. This version likewise has 2 wheels situated at the bottom and an extension deal with for easy transportation. With this design you likewise obtain a lifetime warranty that suggests it can be replaced at any time in the future ought to anything break.

Apart from these differences, both situations are pretty comparable.


The Instance Club has actually executed armed forces quality polyethylene foam for the inside of the situation. This is then reduced to precision for the DJI Phantom 4 collection as well as accessories. This shock taking in foam does a terrific work at safeguarding your drone from any type of influence.

The inside of the cover is additionally lined with foam to stop your tools from moving and also banging against the durable material of the instances shell.

The exterior of the situation is produced utilizing tough, long-term product that is developed to stand up to high effect accidents. With a 100% water and dust evidence build, the Nanuk Phantom 4 hard case is best for any type of demanding circumstance.


The Nanuk Hard Case supplies lots of storage room for pilots operating in an expert atmosphere as well as need to bring along a lot of devices.

The within foam is cut to house the following products:.

DJI Phantom 4 (with props & battery connected).

5 spare batteries.


Charger as well as billing cable televisions.

Extra props.

Tablet as much as 12 ″ x7 ″ x1/2 ″.

best dji phantom 4 knapsacks and cases.

Ideal DJI Phantom 4 Backpacks & Situations Assemble.

That brings us to the end of our short article on the best DJI Phantom 4 backpacks and situations. I hope that you have found it practical and also as constantly, if you have actually obtained any kind of concerns please feel free to comment listed below.


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