The Best Hexacopter Drones

Best Hexacopter Drones For Beginners List

5. Leading Race TR-MQ6– Insanely inexpensive


Exceptionally inexpensive

Easy to fly

Quick cost time

Good trip time for a nano drone


Can not fly in winds.

Short maximum range.

best hexacopter drones.

Inspect Prices.


Trip time: 5-6 mins.

Cost time: 20-minutes.

Optimum distance: 20 meters.

Measurements: 5 X 5 X 1 inch.

Frequency: 2.4 GHz.


Nano hexacopter.

Headless mode.

6-axis gyro stabilisation.

3 directional flips.

Includes prop guards & extra set of props.


To start our listing we have actually got an amazing as well as budget pleasant hexacopter for novices.

The Leading Race TR-MQ6 is just one of the world’s very first nano hexacopters as well as is a fantastic entry-level drone for those aiming to get to grasps with flying.

Costing less than $30 the TR-MQ6 has a lot to use taking into consideration how affordable it is. The drone features a 6-axis gyro stabilisation that permits it to fly stable as well as fix its own balance after carrying out among 3-directional turns.

The drone can sustain a 5-6 minute flight time, which isn’t too bad as it only takes about 15 minutes to bill. With a maximum variety of 20 meters the Leading Race is best for interior flying.

The drone is lightweight and also comes with prop guards as well as an extra collection of propellers, so even if you do crash minimal damage will be received.

The red and also greed LED lights situated at the front and also rear of the drone help you maintain line of vision when flying outdoors.

You must also keep in mind that the drone may battle to fly if it is gusty outside as a result of its light-weight construct.

best hexacopter drones.

Brainless mode is also present to help protect against pilots from getting disorientated when airborne. The LED lights likewise aid with this, as they allow the pilot to identify the front and also rear of the drone and also as a result understand which method it is facing.

Generally, the TR-MQ6 is a terrific little drone as well as most definitely among the most effective hexacopter drones for novices. It’s cheap, very easy to fly and sturdy.

4. WLToys Skywalker V323– Sturdy.


Extremely durable.

Easy to fly.

Perfect for any kind of ability degree pilot.


Lengthy charge time.

Big– hard to transport.

best hexacopter drones.

Inspect Cost On Amazon.


Flight time: 9-12 minutes.

Fee time: 90– 120 minutes.

Maximum Variety: 100-150 meters.

Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 11cm (L x W x H).

Weight: 1.98 kg/ 4.3 pound.

Frequency: 2.4 GHz.


Brainless mode.

360-degree flips.

Constructed in prop-guards.

6-axis gyro stabilisation.


Up next on our listing of the best hexacopter drones we have actually obtained the WLToys V323, which is WLToys biggest drone to date. This drone is exceptionally simple to fly as well as excellent for any kind of ability level pilots.

With 6-axis gyro stabilization the WLToys has the ability to execute a selection of 3 directional flips, which are both fun as well as simple to carry out.

The drone is a rather huge fella, with a complete wingspan of 32″ in diameter. This vast develop and also 6 blades make it very steady in the air and really easy to control. Brainless setting is likewise available to aid brand-new pilots get to grasps with flying a drone.

The WLToys includes a respectable however not remarkable trip time of 9-12 minutes and an optimum control range of 100-150 meters depending on problems.

WLToys made this hexacopter to be very resilient, making use of ABDOMINAL plastic and a moulded foam shell that safeguards the drones’ props. This foam covering acts as built in prop guards and soaks up any kind of effect from crashes; lessening any damage required to the drone.

Because of the drones’ multiple electric motors and stable trip, electronic cameras can be placed beneath the body.

best hexacopter droens.

You ought to know that when you do this the motors would require to work harder to keep it in the air. Due to the fact that the WLToys makes use of combed motors, this can cause them to stress out if you do not take breaks in between trips.

The WLToys V323 is superb worth for money, using pilots both a fun and regulated trip. The drone is constructed to last and also will supply many hrs of entertainment, making it among the most effective hexacopter drones around.

3. MJX X600– High build quality.


High quality construct.

Excellent trip time.

One vital go back to home make it great for newbies.


Can be difficult to set up, the manual isn’t clear.

Although it can lug an action camera, it occasionally has a hard time as well as significantly reduces the trip time.

best hexacopter drones.


Trip time: 7-9 minutes.

Fee time: 90-120 minutes.

Maximum Variety: 100 meters.

Frequency: 2.4 GHz.

Measurements: 38.5 x 42.5 x 6cm (L x W XH).

Weight: 2.3 pound/ 1.04 kg.


Headless setting.

One crucial return to home.

6-axis gyro stabilization.

Can lug an action electronic camera.


This is the first of two MJX models on our listing of the best hexacopter drones. MJX are pro’s when it pertains to developing insanely excellent quality plaything grade drones and also the X600 is no exception.

With a 7-8 minute trip time as well as a 100-meter array the MJX X600 gives pilots with a great deal of freedom as soon as airborne.

It’s easy to fail to remember when flying the X600 that it’s a plaything quality hexacopter as it really feels very responsive and also controlled whilst in the air. This is additionally due to the drones’ 6-axis gyro stablizing that maintains it level throughout the trip.

The MJX X600 also sports the brainless mode feature that we have actually come to anticipate from this standard of drone.

The one key go back to home feature was a good little addition by MJX, making the X600 stand out from most of its competitors.

In regular MJX fashion, the construct quality of the X600 is unbelievable and can stand up to all the inescapable bumps and knocks that featured finding out to fly a drone.

best hexacopter drones.

Among the only downsides the X600 is the difficult launch procedure as well as it’s vague guidebook. Thankfully there are a variety of YouTube tutorials around covering how to bind the transmitter to the drone, so it shouldn’t be too tough.

Although the drone is capable of lugging an activity camera, this will decrease its flight time as well as I have actually listened to a variety of pilots claim that it can make the flight a little bit unsteady.

If you have an interest in affixing an activity video camera, I would suggest floating momentarily or so after take off, just to ensure it can deal with the payload.

Lets just say the MJX X600 has a great deal to use, regardless of your ability degree. It’s conveniently one of the most effective hexacopter drones under $100 and will certainly not disappoint.

2. UDI RC U845– Special Layout.


One-of-a-kind design.

Inclusion of video camera.

Live feed of video.

Respectable battery life.

Additional battery for prolonged trip times.


Takes a very long time to cost (120-mins).

Not a wonderful maximum control distance.

best hexacopter drones.


Trip time: 6-9 minutes.

Cost time: 120 minutes.

Maximum Array: 50-80 meters.

Cam: 640 x 480 video, 1020 x 960 picture.

Measurements: 8.3 x 8.3 x 3.4 inches (L x W XH).


Brainless setting.

360-degree flips.

6-axis gyro stablizing with pose control.

Actual time FPV live feedback.

Get an added battery alongside the drone.


Up next we’ve obtained the remarkable looking UDI RC U845, which exposes a striking similarity to a UFO.

The UDI can be controlled by either a transmitter or by means of a mobile phone application. The mobile phone can be connected to the transmitter and also made use of to display the online feedback from the drones’ video camera, which allows you to do some wonderful FPV flying.

The video camera itself is able to videotape videos in 640 x 480 pixels, which isn’t wonderful however you can not truly grumble for such an inexpensive drone.

The drone has a beautiful average flight time of 6-9 minutes, nonetheless UDI likewise include an added battery together with the drone.

This allows you to essentially increase your trip time, okay! Not many drones include a spare battery, so it’s a great move by UDI!

The UDI U845 is quickly among the most effective drones for beginners.

It’s 6-axis gyro stabilisation and headless mode makes the drone extremely very easy as well as enjoyable to fly.

best hexacopter drone.

The drone is also able to carry out a collection of 360-dgree turns in a number of directions and thanks to its gyro stabilisation; the drone will immediately fix itself as soon as the manoeuvre is complete.

Unfortunately the UDI lets itself down slightly with its optimal range of 50-80 meters, nonetheless in my viewpoint the pros well outweigh the disadvantages for this drone.

With an extra battery, a camera and also FPV flying capabilities, the UDI RC U845 is just one of the very best hexacopter drones for all skill levels.

1. MJX X800– Crazy value for money.


Hugely economical.

Terrific value for cash.

Gravitational mode is exceptionally fun.


Good control range.


If you intend to use it for FPV flying, you have to acquire a video camera separately.

best hexacopter drones.


Trip time: 10 mins.

Maximum Range: 100 meters.

Fee time: 90-120 minutes.

Dimensions: 8.2 x 7.8 x 2.1 inches (L x W XH).

Weight: 70.5 g.


One crucial flips.

Brainless setting.

3 speed modes– newbie, intermediate & professional mode.

Gravitational control setting.

Searchlight for evening flying.


We’ve made it to the number one spot on our checklist of the most effective hexacopter drones for novices. The reason we have actually ranked MJX X800 as top is due to the large worth for cash it uses pilots. Although it’s cheap, it provides a great deal in regards to both specs and functions.

Thinking about the drone sets you back less than $30, you can’t actually ask for a lot more. The drone sporting activities a 10-minute maximum trip time and a variety of 100m. Both of these specs entirely blow the drones competitors out of the water.

Many have actually praised the X800 for being newbie friendly, with it being many pilots first ever drone. The X800 has a 6-axis gyro stabilisation and comes installed with 3 speed setups.

These setups are newbie, intermediate as well as specialist. As you advance as well as really feel a lot more comfortable behind the controller you can slowly raise the speed setups.

What makes the X800 one-of-a-kind and also among the very best hexacopter drones for newbies is its gravitational control setting.

This is where you pilot the drone by tilting the transmitter in the instructions you desire it to go, type of like making use of a Nintendo Wii.

best hexacopter drones.

This makes for a very fun flying experience that no other drone in this cost category can supply.

Along with this, the MJX X800 also posseses a headless setting function, which as we went over earlier makes piloting the drone a bit easier.

You’re likewise able to pilot the MJX X800 in the evening time, thanks to its blue and orange LED lights that additionally aid you to distinguish between the front and also the rear of the hexacopter. What’s even more are the drones’ searchlights, which can be allowed to help you see the drone when it is dark.

Its rather frankly extraordinary how much has actually been packed into this little drone, especially when you take into account its’ economical cost. No other drone has the ability to compete with the worth for cash the MJX X600 offers, making it among the very best hexacopter drones currently available.

Best Expert Hexacopter Drones List.

3. DJI Matrice 600 Pro– For Experts.


Permits high typical video cameras to be affixed, for instance RED electronic cameras, Sony A7 series as well as Panasonic GH4.

Provides the highest quality video footage.

Can carry an exceptionally hefty payload– max reduce 15.5 kg!


Tough to fly, for experienced pilots ONLY.

Very pricey for full set up.

best hexacopter drones.

Inspect Prices.


Trip time: Without haul– 32 minutes & with 5.5 kh payload– 16 minutes.

Maximum distance: 5km.

Video camera: Needs own cam.

Measurements: 8 centimeters × 151.8 centimeters × 72.7 cm.

Weight: 9.5 kg.

Max rate: 45 mph.


Retractable touchdown gear.

Dust evidence propulsion system.

DJI Lightbridge 2 of HD real-time streaming.

Compatible with all Zenmuse cams & gimbals.


The DJI Matrice 600 Pro has actually ended up being the best hexacopter for professional pilots seeking to catch cinema quality aerial video.

The drone is undoubtedly among the most effective hexacopters for airborne photography as well as videography, however comes with a cost. It is exceptionally pricey as well as when you consider that a different video camera, gimbal and also transmitter are needed, the cost is rather impressive.

Because of this, the Matrice 600 is tailored for high-end tasks and also production firms who are wanting to tape-record the best footage feasible.

The drone has the ability to maintain a flight time of 32 minutes without a payload, which is decreased to 16-18 mins with a 5.5 kg payload attached.

The Matrice is compatible with all Zenmuse electronic cameras and also gimbals, which allows you to connect some rather excellent quality video cameras to the drone such as the Sony A7Rii.

With an extraordinary max reduce of 15.5 kg, the Matrice is absolutely a beast. Traveling this thing is mosting likely to be quite difficult and also if you’re made use of to piloting an active Phantom 4, the Matrice will be a whole various ballgame.

best hexacopter drone.

Again, I would only advise this drone for seasoned pilots that fit piloting such a hefty airplane.

The Matice has retracting touchdown equipment, which supplies an unhampered sight for the camera to turn 360-degrees. It likewise possesses the most recent Lightbridge 2 innovations that allows HD live streaming.

If you’re a professional or a manufacturing business searching for your following top quality drone for airborne digital photography and videography, the DJI Matrice 600 Pro will not disappoint.

2. Yuneec Twister H920 And Also– Costly However High Quality.


Includes 4k camera.

Video camera has the ability to zoom.

Great trip time & control distance.

Easy to set up and fly.

Transmitter includes built in display.


Bulky & hard to move, in spite of collapsible rotor arms.


best hexacopter drones.


Trip time: 24 mins.

Optimum range: 1.6 kilometres.

Cam: 4k video clip (with zoom lens) & 16 megapixel photographs.

Max speed: 40kph.

Regularity: 2.4 GHz.

Weight: 11lbs/ 5kg.


Quick release pros for fast establish.

Retractable landing equipment.

Foldable rotor arms.

Consists Of Yuneec & Panasonic CG04 4k camera.

Intelligent flight modes.


Up following on our list of the very best hexacopter drones is the Yuneec Hurricane H920 Plus. This is just one of the best hexacopter drones for airborne digital photography as well as cinematography, nonetheless has actually been embraced across a range of industries.

Yuneec worked alongside the widely known video camera manufacture Panasonic to develop the CC04 4k electronic camera that comes alongside the drone.

The electronic camera is able at shoot 4k video clips, takes 16 megapixel photos as well as also has the ability to zoom. This is quite unusual amongst drone electronic cameras as well as a nice touch by Yuneec.

The Yuneec Tornado has a 24-minute maximum trip time as well as a maximum series of 1.6 km. This gives pilots with a lot of liberty in the air to check out and scope out new shots.

The drone itself is extremely very easy to fly and also is suitable for both novices and also specialists alike.

The drone sporting activities automatic remove and landing, one vital return to house as well as a number of intelligent flight settings that provide impressive motion picture video footage.

best hexacopter drones.

The transmitter comes with a constructed in display and also runs an android operating system. You can additionally connect to Google Maps as well as utilize this to plan out a pre-determined flight path making use of waypoint mode.

Unfortunately, the Yuneec Tornado has a pretty large price. This is to be expected with such an excellent quality drone. In my opinion it’s worth every cent as it is one of the very best hexacopter drones around as well as permits pilots to shoot some unbelievable airborne footage.

Yuneec are also known for their remarkable customer support, something DJI is not. This is worth thinking about when making a decision in between a DJI and Yuneec UAV.

1. Yuneec Tropical Storm H – Best Value For Cash.


Tonnes of top quality features.

360 degree camera activity.

Retractable landing gear.

Terrific customer support.


Bulky tough to transportation.

Transmitter is.

best hexacopter drones.


Flight time: 25 mins.

Camera: 4k, 1080p @ 120 FPS & 12.4 megapixel.

Max Distance: 1.6 km.

Max speed: 70kph.

Regularity: 2.5 GHz with 5.8 GHz.

Weight: 3.7 lb/ 1.7 kg.


RealSense Barrier Avoidane.

Smart modes.

360 level cam activity.

Retractable touchdown gear.

Collapsible Arms.

Twin operator suitable.


So, we’ve made it to the last item on our checklist of the best hexacopter drones, the Yuneec Typhoon H.

The Yuneec Typhoon is currently among the top consumer drones on the marketplace. It features a sensible price tag and packed loaded with top quality functions that make it one of the very best hexacopters for airborne digital photography and also cinematography.

The drone features retracting landing gear that allows the drones’ 360-degree turning camera to have a completely clear and also unblocked sight. This is a wonderful feature for filmmakers, as it allows them to control and rotate the camera, without having to relocate the drone.

With battle operator control, you can take your shots to the following degree. A single person supervises of piloting the drone, whilst the various other operates the camera.

This function is basically unheard of at this price range and also another reason that it is among the best hexacopters for digital photographers and filmmakers.

best hexacopter drones.

The Yuneec Hurricane H possesses a 4k electronic camera that can additionally fire 12.4 megapixel photos. The drone itself is able to fly for as much as 25 minutes from a single cost as well as get to a maximum variety of 1.6 kilometres, both of which are exceptionally excellent specs.

The drones’ blades arms are also collapsible, allowing it to end up being a lot more compact. However, the drone is pretty high, so also folded up down it is quite cumbersome– one of the only downsides to the Hurricane.

Yuneec have actually additionally consisted of a number of wise functions that make the drone exceptionally simple to pilot as well as provides professional common video footage. These consist of orbit me, point of interest, trip, contour cord web cam, follow/ enjoy me as well as dynamic go back to home. Naturally, it includes the typical automatic remove and landing that is expected from this requirement of drone.

Along with this, the Yuneec Tropical cyclone H comes mounted with the most recent Intel RealSense modern technology. This utilizes the drones sensing unit to create a digital 3d environment, which is then made use of to autonomously stay clear of obstacles.

If you’re searching for an expert grade hexacopter that will not cost a fortune, the Yuneec Typhoon H is a fantastic alternative. It is developed to a very top quality, packed with expert quality features as well as is extremely simple to fly. What much more could you want?

What is a Hexacopter Drone?

” Hex” means “Six”, so a hexacopter is merely a drone with 6 electric motors. “Quad” stands for “4”, so a quadcopter is a drone with four motors.

Skilled Flyer.

Hexacopter VS Quadcopter Drones.

Due to a hexacopter having 2 even more electric motors as well as propellers, they are more effective than their quad copter equivalents. This indicates that they are normally able to bring much heavier payloads as well as are extra secure airborne.

Possibly the most significant benefit of using a hexacopter over a quad helicopter is the drones’ capability to proceed flying in case of an electric motor stopping working. If a quad copters electric motor were to fall short, the drone would more than likely come collapsing down to the ground.

Whereas a hexacopter would have the ability to make its back to the pilot and also land safely.


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