What’s The Difference Between ARF, BNF, PNP & RTF Drones?

What is a RTF Drone?

RTF means ready-to-fly, suggesting that the drone comes completely created, together with all the elements as well as tools needed to get the airplane as well as up and also flying. This is usually best for novices who have never possessed a drone before, and therefore have no drone equipment such as a controller.

RTF drones tend to be more expensive than other types of drones as they generally have extra parts consisted of in or with the drone, indicating it often has a higher price. Pictured listed below is an instance of an RTF drone set.

different between RTF, BND & ARF

different between RTF, BND & ARF
different between RTF, BND & ARF

As you can see, the drone is completely constructed as well as features a transmitter. This is the bare minimum you’ll get with an RTF drone, as some companies supply an extra accessories such as spare batteries or a FPV screen.


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What is a BNF Drone?

BNF represents Bind-and-Fly, as well as needs you to have your very own transmitter, which you after that bind to the drone youtself. Not including a transmitter often makes BNF drones more affordable and therefore much more appealing to enthusiasts that already possess a transmitter suitable with the drone.

The only concern with BNF drones is that your transmitter needs to work with the receiver constructed into the drone. If you’re transmitter isn’t compatible, you’ll have to buy the RTF variation or see if it is possible to change the receiver on the drone.

It’s additionally worth noting that not all transmitters are the same a commonly can be broken down right into two groups – plaything and also hobby quality. Hobby grade transmitters are far above plaything quality as they typically feature a number of various buttons that can be made use of for a broader array of controls.

bnf drone package.

bnf drone package.
bnf drone package.

Above is an example of a BNF drone kit. As you can see, the drone includes whatever you need to fly, with the exception of the transmitter.

What is a PNP Drone?

PNP means Plug-and-Play as well as is likewise referred to as PNF (Plug-and-Fly). This is where the drone comes fully assembled without the radio system i.e. the receiver and also transmitter.

This is probably the least common type of kit, as it needs you to currently have 2 components that can be made use of with the drone. Having said that, it does give you the flexibility to use your very own receiver and transmitter, which can allow you to have a longer variety than with the RTF plan.

PNP drone.

bnf drone package.
bnf drone package.

As you can see from the above picture, the drone features pretty much everything you require other than a transmitter as well as a receiver. These types of drones are generally much cheaper than RTF and also BNF drones as they come with less parts.

What is an ARF Drone?

ARF means Almost-Ready-to-Fly as well as means that the drone will certainly come taken apart and need to be created by hand, usually with extra components being required.

These drone kits are definitely for individuals intending to take a DIY method to their drones. I would actually just suggest doing this if you have some drone experience as well as are familiar with the various parts of a drone.

Commonly, broadband racing drones are built as ARF packages, as this permits a reasonable amount of customisation, permitting pilots to attain a greater speed.

ARF Drone Set.

ARF Drone Set.
ARF Drone Set.

Above is an example ARF drone package from LHI. As you can see, the drone comes pretty much totally deconstructed as well as calls for setting up. As I mentioned earlier, this isn’t truly ideal for those of you that have not flown previously, as the last point you want is to spend hours constructing a drone only to collapse it in the very first flight.

So, What Should You Select?

There truly is no ideal or incorrect below, as it’s to personal choice. If you’re uncertain, take a look at the table below that must ideally provide you some advice.




All ability levels.


Enthusiasts with compatible transmitter.


Enthusiasts with a suitable receiver and also transmitter.


Drone fanatics with prior flying experience (DIY experience convenient also).

I would likewise recommend checking out this awesome video clip below by Short Circuit RC. The video strolls you via the different kinds of drones as well as what to expect from every one.

Final Ideas.

I believe I have actually covered the differences in between RTF, BNF, PNP and ARF drones.


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