Drone Photography & Videography Tips by Industry Professionals

Drone Photography Suggestion # 1.

Bill Blair.

Find out just how to fly the drone first, practice little precise moves and get an understanding on how they relocate therefore to the inputs you give on the controller.

Then learn more about the electronic camera, nevertheless it is a camera in the sky for a lot of type of work, you don’t buy a $100,000 video camera and also all of a sudden you are a Director Of Digital photography.

Exact same with drone filming, you are not a specialist just because you can place the drone in the air. Comprehend your tools and also take little jobs that you can take care of as well as work up to bigger ones as your experience grows.

Obtain 50 hrs flight time under your belt and afterwards begin your business occupation.

Speak to CASA, they exist to assist you.

Expense has been a qualified drone pilot for over 4 years, and has fired numerous TELEVISION programs such as Aus Ninja Warrior and also The Voice plus several others. Bill is presently in Perth flying a drone flock of 40 drones at the Royal Program.

Drone Photography Pointer # 2.

Arnaud Denisot.

Start by flying gradually and also make smooth movements.

Even if we are restricted by the battery time doesn’t mean that wet have to hurry the shot.

It is not easy at first but the outcome is just amazing and also specialist.

Use the setting tripod if you have a DJI drone and fire ideally minimum in 50fps.

Arnaud Denisot– “I am the supervisor of Bali drone production, I come from France as well as I intended to transform my life so I left my IT engineer task in Paris and I concerned Bali to install my own business.”.

Drone Photography Idea # 3.

Matthew A. Feige.

VP Drone Dudes.

Primary is to study up as well as take the test to become a certified Component 107 sUAS pilot.

The various other would be to obey all rules as well as laws concerning the drone flight path and airspace to lessen any kind of problems.

Last but not least, and I assume this goes without saying, if you’re mosting likely to be just one of the most effective then that simply needs method, practice, practice. Look into video clips of other people crushing it like Charpu as well as Robert Mcintosh as well as try to see points through their eyes.

An additional obvious one would certainly be to discover exactly how to modify video and also stills with one of the most prominent tools: Adobe, Apple, etc

. Matthew A. Feige – Drone Dudes have actually pioneered the contemporary drone area because 2010. Among one of the most knowledgeable and talented drone production homes in business offering high-end airborne cinematography for several of the biggest names in the world, including Lexus, BMW, Honda, Subaru, Netflix, and Amazon.com (among others).

We have actually also been asked to show up on various film-making and technology panels at occasions such as the NAB in Las vega, and the Studios at Paramount, along with at Sony Studios and Canon Studios in Hollywood as well as Burbank, respectively, to offer our viewpoint on the job.

Drone Trouble Top Idea.

Look into other drone pilots videos on sites like YouTube as well as Vimeo. See what kind of shots they’re managing and see what you can do better. You will be stunned at how much you can gain from seeing other individuals work.

Drone Digital Photography Pointer # 4.

Cole Heilborn.

My top suggestion for any type of pilot is to always keep in mind that something can always go wrong and when it does it’s your job as the pilot to minimize the influence of that malfunction.

It’s easy to obtain arrogant and fail to remember that you truly are flying an important piece of equipment that has the possible to do major damages to residential property and also individuals.

Cole Heilborn– I’ve been flying for about 5 years now as well as obtained my component 107 license last April. My company, Port Side Productions concentrate on finding daring stories as well as chasing them. We believe that life in itself is an experience and also there are minutes worth recording.

Drone Photography Pointer # 5.

Colin Hinkle.


My number 1 idea is when you initially start to fly try and find a huge open space to evaluate out your drone.

Something with no trees or buildings in your means. Additionally keep it within view. Do not fret about shooting impressive pictures or video clip initially.

Just concentrate on feeling comfy with the drone airborne.

Colin Hinkle– Aerial professional photographer Proprietor– Soaring Badger Productions– Rising Badger Productions was the first FAA approved Chicago based drone manufacturing company as well as the initial enabled to film on closed sets for movies and television in Illinois. We are additionally one of minority firms enabled to film in the evening. We are the best drone production company in Chicago with the most knowledgeable team of qualified pilots as well as honor winning camera drivers. Proprietor Colin Hinkle is an Emmy honor winning expert in the TV and also film company.

Drone Photography Idea # 6.


Xizmo Media.

Remove and also landing should be done in a clear open space without kids or tiny pets, and also where you can pleasantly see your screen in the color.

Remain concentrated and also fly within your capacity.

Computer game are also an excellent method to exercise your electric motor control skills as well as hand eye control that will straight equate to flying drones.

Take your time to set the shot up as soon as and nail it on your hand try!

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Drone Digital Photography Pointer # 7.

drone photography Idea 7.

Karim Iliya.

Karim Digital photography.

Unwind, take a breath as well as your time– Its extremely simple to get carried away with enjoyment when flying a drone and attempting to frame a shot.

Flying drones has a means of elevating your adrenaline and also when that occurs, you have a tendency not to observe certain points till its far too late and you are being in front of you wash top getting ready to edit your photo/video.

Being unwinded will certainly guarantee the best possible out come for your drone shot.

What should you tell on your own to assist you unwind?

If you are flying a drone that about 2 years of ages. your most likely have around 20 minutes worth of flight time. That is a lot of time to get in area, frame a shot as well as make your relocation with out the pressure of time antagonizing you.

Take your time to set the shot up when and also nail it on your hand try!

Drone Digital Photography Pointer # 8.


1iopen. television.

While we don’t physically pilot our drones (although we have on occasion) we use a lot of outstanding pilots … as well as have actually worked with some not so good ones.

Depending upon your degree of experience and portfolio will certainly figure out exactly how controlling the director will certainly be. So, if you have a superb profile and high degree of experience, we ‘d likely hired you for that profile and experience and also will certainly let you do your point. If you’re newer to the scene then anticipate extra instructions of what to movie and also frame.

Nevertheless, there’s constantly a larger tale than simply your drone shot. You can’t make a movie with simply drone video, your shots need to enhance the dialogue and various other activity shots filmed on the ground. This entire vision is in the head of director, so on our collections you’ll hear a lot of interaction between pilots and supervisors. Those of you who fly two driver drones will recognize how important interaction is during a flight, think about the supervisor one more part of that interaction train.

A great supervisor will certainly know when to be silent and will likely give you instructions prior to the trip, however prepare to connect with your supervisor throughout flight. If you’re unable to get a shot the director is requesting because of technical issues, interact this with them so they do not obtain frustrated wondering what you’re doing.

Test flights are necessary not just for your equipment, but recognizing exactly how you’ll connect with your director … this is the moment to resolve any type of concerns, not mid-flight.

Evaluation your work with the supervisor so you can see what they do and do not like … especially vital to view the final edits so you can see what shots were chosen as well as just how they ended up fitting into the story. For instance, there’s no point pursuing a very long approaching shot if the supervisor understands they do not have that much time in the edit, and simply required the shot right over the subject.

It goes to the end of the day a creative partnership between 2 creatives, so you likely will stumble upon director’s you do not proceed with and also discover those you love. Foster those excellent partnerships. Master your technology is an apparent pointer, but this enables you to concentrate on communicating with your trip group as well as supervisor and also not worry about technological operations.

1iOPEN PRODUCTIONS– We are a prize-winning experience movie production business that specialise in remote environment and exploration material. We have actually gotten consent to fly in several of the world’s most restricted trip zones such as the contested military area of Jammu & Kashmir, Northern India, and Xinjiang Provence in North West China. We’ve won awards for our drone job as well as deal with several of the most talented drone pilots in the sector especially Larkin Carey of Falkor Aerials.

Drone Photography Tip # 9.

James Davis.


Prior to you even start to consider capturing aerial images, it’s extremely crucial to comprehend the fundamentals and fundamentals of flying a drone.

When I first began flying drones, I was too eager to shoot some mind blowing airborne videos as well as coming from a filmmaking background, that was all I truly cared about.

It soon hit me than I was trying to run prior to I can walk, so the following day I headed out and also grasped the very basics. I adhered to the traditional knowing actions of flying in a square, then a circle, then a number of 8. When I can do this effortlessly I after that started to have fun with the throttle and also readjust the altitude.

A number of batteries later on and I was a completely various drone pilot; I was even more comfy behind the controller as well as really fired some rather great things if i do say so myself!

James Davis (hey that’s me!)– Enthusiastic drone lover as well as filmmaker, owner of DroneRiot.com and jury member of the DFF ANZ film celebration 2017.

Drone Digital Photography Tips Round Up.

That brings us to an end of our leading drone photography ideas! We’ll remain to include in our listing as we talk with more specialists in the market!


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