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Holy Stone Drone Review

With the passing time drones are becoming a common gadget that is owned as a substitute  of entertainment not only for adults but for kids as well. During the initial period when drone technology was launched, it had very minimum scope, and its users were also limited, mainly because of its high tech features that only professionals could understand and control or because of its extremely high rates that not everyone could afford. But as drone market progressed many manufacturers came in market and offered variety of models thus increasing the possibility of owning drone for anyone wishing to have one. Holy Stone is one of the most known manufacturer of drones and has a good name in the market because of its superior quality drones each having multiple speed modes and HD Camera on them making them more liked and consumed products in the market. Although this brand have lot to offer , we managed to pulled out some of the best  and  most consumed drones which are as follows:-


This quad copter is an ideal entry level drone for beginners and kids that comes with 720P camera and 120 degree FOV live feed. Fully equipped with Altitude Hold feature it allows its users to master flying skills and have full control of flight. It comes  with a throttle which will allow it to hover at specified height when released. It comes with an average battery that offers flight time of about 10 minutes and thus this miniature has range of about 100 meters.


Another one of the best drone by Holy stone , which is actually an RC helicopter and is best for those who want to train themselves before going for high tech expensive drones. Though it is a beginner level drone therefore its transmission range is not really impressive, but it still manages to have a stable and smooth flight, which could be either indoor, outdoor or nighttime flying. It is also equipped with 3 speed modes and have the capability to execute some flips that is an additional entertainment for beginners. It comes with a standard battery  that supports flight period of about 8 minutes with which this quad copter could manage to have range up to 30 to 50 meters. It is one of the best choice for learners as its price is only 40$ and one could get to know basic functionality and flying techniques of drones.


If looking out for some really good speed modes then this mini invention by Holy Stone is the best choice. Designed in a standard size of length and width both  of 5’’, this mini drone is highly portable and have really good speed. This miniature hold 5 speed modes that  offers speed up to 50km/hr. Flight time is approximately 5 to 6 minutes but could be extended as it comes with 2 high powered batteries that could be swapped, each having charging time of about 80 minutes. This mini drone is also best buy for beginners and is not recommended for professionals as it is known for its agility, affordable price, speed and user friendly features, which are quite good for beginners but not for someone looking for extremely high technology.


It is concluded from above discussion that if someone is looking for entry level drones and want to enhance his/her skills in drones before going for a comprehensive drone, Holy Stone brand is the best one to go for. Most of the products developed by this brand are user friendly, extremely lined to basic technology and has standard size that is easy to control. Another factor that attains more attention is their price range, which is really good and affordable so that one could take a risk of buying drone with extremely nil skills.


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