Hubsan H507A Review

Hubsan H507A Review


Hubsan have upped their video game with the H507A bringing some great functions for a really cost effective cost.

The drone itself is piloted via a clever tool such as a phone or tablet as well as is connected via the X-Hubsan application making use of a Wi-Fi connection. The format of the digital joy sticks is the exact same as a regular transmitter.

I have actually heard a couple of individuals say they had trouble discovering the application, but I was conveniently able to situate it in the Play Shop on my Samsung.

The Hubsan application is extremely straightforward and also easy to use as well as I had no concerns linking it with the drone.

Before flying the drone I was slightly anxious concerning just how the drone would fly when being piloted with a mobile phone

Once I got it up the air I was pleasantly stunned at exactly how responsive it was as well as exactly how easy it was to manage.

It deserves keeping in mind that each time I have checked the Hubsan, the weather condition has been rather windy. It handled to take care of the wind well for such a tiny drone and also just wobbled a couple of times as it was coming down.

Hubsan H507A
Hubsan H507A


Hubsan have upped their game with the layout their of H507A, selecting a plainly blue shade with a yellow trim. The form of the body is likewise different from various other Hubsan models, with the nose of the drone being pointier than its rounded predecessor.


The Hubsan H507A is incredibly feature rich for the price you are paying; it was not also long ago that a drone with these kinds functions would certainly set you back a fair quantity of money.

Allow’s take a look at it’s most outstanding attributes, its’ follow me & way point modes.

The drones GENERAL PRACTITIONER positioning enables it to autonomously follow you, giving you with some amazing looking selfies and some rather awesome monitoring shots.

Its follow me include functioned pretty well and also I was amazed at just how well the drone was able to stay on par with me.

Hubsan H507A
Hubsan H507A

In a similar way with the method point function, the drone was able to accurately follow the course I had attracted, nonetheless a number of times the drone didn’t make it completely back to me and stopped around 8m short.

The Hubsan’s elevation hold functioned a treat; I had the ability to leave it in the air whilst I took a couple of photos. Its GENERAL PRACTITIONER positioning held it in place nicely and really did not walk around excessive. It was simple to neglect that the Hubsan is toy quality copter, really feeling more like a premium item than a toy.

The drones’ return to house feature worked well, although not returning to the exact area it removed from, maybe a couple of meters off, nothing too major.

The drone additionally sporting activities a brainless setting, which can be turned on to prevent the pilot from experiencing a loss of orientation. I discover this is quite convenient specifically when you’re flying on a smartphone.

You can likewise utilize the Hubsan’s Altitude setting, which is where the drone keeps its elevation utilizing its measure, leaving you with simply the straight movement to control.

Electronic camera

The Hubsan H507A’s cam has the ability to videotape 720p HD video as well as is able to record some rather nice looking footage.

However, the electronic camera isn’t mounted on a gimbal; neither does the app have any digitalised stabilisation.

This implies that you’re video might end up looking unsteady, nevertheless you can’t really complain regarding that, with a drone so moderately valued.

Hubsan H507A camera
Hubsan H507A camera

Requesting for some type of stabilisation may be a little bit much of Hubsan at this cost range, yet that recognizes what they will release with future updates?

A real-time feed from the camera is presented through the smartphone application. The transmission signal was pretty good with small latency, nevertheless as you utilize the display to pilot the drone, you do not have the best deem your hands are type of in the means.

It had not been too bad for me as I was using an S8, which has actually a respectable sized display, yet smaller mobile phones wouldn’t be optimal for flying FPV.

Trip range

As I have actually previously stated, the Hubsan H507A is piloted using a mobile phone via a Wi-Fi link.

As a result of this, the optimum variety of the drone is around 100m, nevertheless this is entirely anticipated. Also a DJI Spark regulated with a mobile phone can just reach 100m.

Hubsan H507A
Hubsan H507A

I felt that 100m was lots of variety, the drone itself is pretty small so even if it could go better, you possibly would not have the ability to see it extremely well.

Flight time

This is where I was a little bit disappointed with the Hubsan, its 550mAh battery gives it with an 8-10 min trip time. I believe I only got about 8 minutes of broadcast with it, however the batteries are pretty affordable so you can always get a number of spares.

Hubsan H507A Evaluation Assemble

It’s secure to claim that the Hubsan H507A is an amazing drone, supplying some impressive features for an economical price. The drone itself is excellent quality, very responsive airborne as well as simple to fly.

The one drawback is the trip time, if you truly intend to use the drones’ features you will certainly need to get some extra batteries. Having said that, the Hubsan’s pros out weigh it’s cons substantially as well as I extremely suggest it.

I hope you have actually enjoyed our Hubsan H507A testimonial as well as have discovered it insightful.

Happy flying!


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