As a matter of fact, there’s very little details about KastKing. This is probably since it exists on the marketplace reasonably just recently. The KastKing company was founded in 2013. Its main name is EPoseidon. KastKing is simply a brand and also a department in EPoseidon.

It was founded by 2 passionate trainees who merely intended to “make fishing equipment that would be affordable to everybody.” They still comply with this concept as well as despite the fact that the manufacturer has already come to be rather popular, they attempt to keep their rates at a budget friendly level.

In just 7 years, the company has attained significant success in the production of fishing gear. These men are engaged in production not just the angling reels. They additionally make fishing pole, fishing lines, devices, angling attractions, as well as electronic devices.

It’s extremely good that KastKing makes its equipment based upon customer comments. “Made by anglers for anglers.” To put it simply, this maker does what anglers need. That’s why their products are so effective.

2015 was an advancement year for EPoseidon. It was the year that they won numerous global competitors and ended up being called a brand. In the very same year, the company started to provide its products to more than 150 countries worldwide and began to work at numerous huge sites. In general, the people have something to brag about.

KastKing speed demon Line

KastKing speed demon Line
KastKing speed demon Line


Before we move on to the testimonial, I intend to keep in mind that the KastKing Speed Demon line consists of 2 models. This is the KastKing Speed Satanic Force Pro and also the KastKing Rate Satanic Force. We’ll talk about an extra enhanced as well as pricey version, KastKing Speed Satanic Force Pro. Yet I’ll additionally claim a couple of words concerning the 2nd. So, if the Devil Pro is not appropriate for you, then you can always take a look at another model from the same product.



Our reel is available in a black matte box, the product packaging of which is made rather premium as well as excellent. However it carries no information load– there’s virtually no details on what’s within package. Simply a caution on the behind.

After opening up the lid, I saw that everything inside is additionally good and also solid. Budget plan producers have recently begun to pay significantly attention to the packaging. Abu Garcia as well as KastKing do extremely lovely points in layout. Although a couple of years ago they didn’t also bother with packing budget models in all. The maker can place the reel merely in a piece of cardboard. Currently they’re functioning closely on the style and also look prior to the launch of the version. I believe this is a rather large plus.

The reel itself is in a small neck line to ensure that it doesn’t hang. Again, every little thing looks extremely sophisticated and also presentable. Under the cardboard base, are a comprehensive direction and also customer manual. Now allow’s go on to the layout of the reel itself.


Speed Devil Pro is made in matte black and orange. By the way, such a matte coating avoids scrapes and also breakouts, so the reel will preserve its visual look for a long period of time. The product of the structure as well as side panels is pure carbon. It’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, however you can be sure that you won’t have corrosion with this reel.

On the reel itself, there are additionally inscriptions concerning gear proportion, brake system, company name, number of bearings, and fishing line capacity.

I think everybody will at first be interested in the weight of this reel. It considers 6.35 oz. or specifically 180 g. This is a fairly good indication of weight for such a low-cost reel due to the fact that this reel is placed for some big wheel as well as for essentially significant loads.


Viewing the deal with, we can definitely state that this reel was produced big lures and huge fish. On the side, we have enlarged EVA deals with. The manage is not made from regular carbon fiber, like most reels but from a durable carbon alloy. The area has a triangular shape to improve the stamina of the handle.

Knobs are likewise rather severe, once again we see that they are made to capture some major prize. They are fairly positive to the touch as well as never ever elope even if you have wet or mucous hands. Knobs are really resilient as well as even after six months of continuous use, the style remains solid.


The brake system is typically represented by 2 brakes– an axial and magnetic brake system.

The magnetic brake adjuster is mounted on the side panel. The modification of the brake system is available in worths from 1 to 10. The brake works very efficiently– in two severe settings (min/max) the speed of the spool varies really substantially.

Under the side panel is the brake itself, in which 9 magnets are mounted. Such a system is called a Trilateral Magnetic Brake System. Magnets function extremely well, in a large range. Setups aren’t reset even under heavyweights. So you can constantly adjust the brakes for yourself as well as do it when you desire.

The axial brake, unlike a star, does not have a micro-click. It’s set up as well as functions very standardly, with no problems.


The spindle is one of the very best points in this reel. Despite the fact that this is a spending plan model, the maker made a reel with a brief light shaft. The shaft product is lightweight plated light weight aluminum. Other reel pieces have the exact same anodized layer. So this reel can be securely utilized in deep sea. Deterioration does not threaten Rate Devil Pro at all.

The spindle revolves on two round bearings. One is located on the shaft itself, the second is installed in the side panel.

The spindle is as light as feasible, has an extremely significant lateral perforation. The weight of the spool is 0.35 ounces with the bearing. This is an incredible result for KastKing.

For that reason, we conclude that this reel can function both with tiny weights from 4-5 g, and also with hefty appeals as much as 25-30 g.

Equipment Proportion KastKing Speed Demon

Equipment Proportion KastKing Speed Demon
Equipment Proportion KastKing Speed Demon


Some suggest that “this is the fastest bait-caster in the world” as a result of its equipment ratio. Without a doubt, it’s quite huge and totals up to as long as 9.3:1. So it’s a quite high-speed reel with brass gears.

With this gear ratio, the Rate Satanic force has an outstanding spreading range. Furthermore, I especially made use of numerous of my hefty wobblers in order to see what maximum this reel could make the most of itself. I was very shocked that despite having strong winds the spreading range is huge as well as I always reach the right factors on the water.

This reel refines lightweight baits with also higher convenience and precision in spreading.


As I claimed, the inner components are made of high quality material and bearings are no exception. Inside we have 12 round bearings + 1 roller. All are made from stainless steel as well as are corrosion-resistant. The sensation of their work is really smooth, there’s no backlash or sharpness in the work. All bearings have double-screen security, so this is an additional one advantage.

KastKing placed in a Rate Satanic force Pro three-way carbon fiber disk drag system. The drag star has a micro-click, however it’s quite noisy, so followers of quiet angling reels may not like this. The power of drag is 13.2 extra pounds or 6 kg, however I caught a lot even more target and also this reel did a terrific work of it.

Bearings & Drag System KastKing speed demon

Bearings & Drag System KastKing speed demon
Bearings & Drag System KastKing speed demon


On the rod, this reel really feels a little bit lighter than other bait-casters. Yet a little getting made use of to it, you feel it rather well in your hand.

An excellent actors with this reel begins with a weight of lures from 5 g. I specially set my hefty wobblers and spinnerbaits in order to examine whether this reel with hefty weights is great. And also you know, this design dawns just terrific with any kind of weight.

I might cast practically throughout small fish ponds. On large lakes, Speed Satanic force likewise really feels great. I utilized this instead long time as well as never ever felt reel reaction or bad performance.

The brakes and drag settings are quite accurate. I set the magnetic brake to roughly position 4-5 and it never oscillated also under heavy lots. But I likewise evaluated it at the min/max placement as well as the distinction is extremely noticeable. So any kind of fishermen can absolutely precisely configure the system for himself.

I offered this reel to my friend to ensure that he could examine it in deep sea in bad weather conditions. He didn’t run into the rainfall, but he handled to fish with a solid wind. Regardless of the strong variations of the line, the castes virtually do not deal with this and also you cast specifically as you want.

KastKing Rate Devil Pro Baitcasting Angling Reel,9.3:1 Gear Ratio, Right Handed Reel

KastKing Rate Devil Pro Baitcasting Angling Reel,9.3:1 Gear Ratio, Right Handed Reel
KastKing Rate Devil Pro Baitcasting Angling Reel,9.3:1 Gear Ratio, Right Handed Reel

Speed Devil Pro perfectly distributes the line. The monoline and the knotted line are always well dispersed on the spool and there are no “bird nests” or lumps. I immediately started making good throws without much getting made use of to the reel.

I assume you’ll likewise appreciate the reel warranty. KastKing offers you a year of 100% guarantee, so you can get in touch with the manufacturer in case of problems. They’ll change your reel or completely repay the expense of it.

KastKing Speed Demon Pro Main Features:

An equipment ratio of 9.3:1

Dual brake system

9-magnet magnetic brake system

Celebrity drag with micro-click

6.35 oz. weight

Dimensions: 1.79 x 3.15 inch


Light-weight aluminum perforated spindle

Double-shielded 12 +1 bearings

Triple Disc Carbon Fiber Drag

Monoline ability: 12/160 14/140

Knotted line ability: 50/160 65/125

Split the primary shaft


Graphite body as well as side plates

Max drag– 13.2 lbs./ 6kg.



Lightweight body.

Perforated spool.

Great casting range.

Can function both with light-weight and also heavy attractions.

Top notch brake system.

Celebrity drag with micro-click.

Safeguarded bearings.

Smooth efficiency.

Producer’s service warranty.




Micro-click is also loud.

No anti-reverse feature.

Axial brake without a clicker.


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