Phantom 4 Advanced: Still a Great Choice

Trick Features

The Phantom 4 Advanced has three remarkable attributes that set it besides the Phantom 4. DJI’s mid-tier drone currently has an improved video camera, an updated FlightAutonomy system, and also some tweaks to its design products. The upgrades likewise enabled the former to run to the standards of entry-level industrial usage.

The integrated onboard camera furnishes a 1″ CMOS sensing unit that can capture 20 megapixel still pictures. A mechanical shutter likewise fixes previous problems with the moving shutter distortion.

Distortion is currently substantially lowered, allowing for better photo quality while flying at broadband or tracking relocating targets. Upgrades to video clip handling permit H. 264 4K at 60 fps or H. 265 at 30 fps with a 100Mbps bitrate. The drone can now record with HDR, permitting smoother post-production.

The FlightAutonomy system uses GENERAL PRACTITIONERS and GLONASS satellite positioning for simple monitoring. The Phantom 4 Breakthrough likewise now has five vision sensing units, ultrasonic range finders, as well as repetitive sensing units. The hardware allows for much better floating, automobile stopping, and also obstacle evasion while flying.

The drone likewise makes use of magnesium and also titanium alloys. It’s now lighter and extra inflexible than the Phantom 4.

Phantom 4.
Phantom 4.

What Is available in the Box?

When you purchase a DJI drone you get whatever you need to begin flying. Nonetheless, there are a lot of bonus you can buy as well as a few different packages offered. We have actually provided whatever you get with the basc bundle listed below.

Main elements.

Airplane body.

Remote controller.

Smart Trip Battery.

Phantom 4.
Phantom 4.


8 Propellers.

Billing as well as USB cords.

Micro SD Card and lugging case.

drone electronic camera gimbal.

Propeller arrangement.

Phantom 4.
Phantom 4.


Prior to getting involved in the specifications of the Phantom 4 Advanced, it is necessary to review what distinctions exist when we make a straight contrast in between the Phantom 4 Advanced and Phantom 4 Pro. You can look into the table below for referral.


Phantom 4 Advanced.

Phantom 4 Pro.

Better Drone.

Product Setting.

Beginning industrial drone.

Entry level industrial drone with the added advantage of a challenge avoidance system.

Phantom 4 Pro.

Liftoff Weight.

1368 g.

1388 g.

Exact same.

Max Trip Time.

Promoted half an hour.

Promoted thirty minutes.

Very same.

Vision System.

Ahead as well as downward vision system.

Onward, in reverse, and also down vision system.

Phantom 4 Pro.

Obstacle Sensing.

Front obstacle evasion.

Front & rear challenge avoidance, left & appropriate IR barrier evasion.

Phantom 4 Pro.

Electronic camera Sensor.

1″ CMOS 20MP.

1″ CMOS 20MP.

Very same.

Max Video Recording Resolution.

4K 60P.

4K 60P.


Max Transmission Distance.

FCC: 4.3 mi.

FCC: 4.3 mi.

Exact same.

Video Transmission System.



Exact same.

Operating Frequency.

2.4 GHz.

2.4 GHz & 5.8 GHz.

Phantom 4 Pro.

drone takeoff.


– Liftoff Weight: 1368 grams.

– Measurement (Angled size leaving out propellers): 350 mm.

– Max Rate: 72 kph.

– Max Trip Time: thirty minutes (we found 20-25 minutes to be more practical).


– Sensing unit: 1″ CMOS 20MP.

– Lens: FOV: 84 levels, 8.8 mm/24 mm (35mm format matching), Aperture f/2.8- f/11 auto emphasis at 1 m to infinity.

Remote Controller.

– Operating Regularity: 2.400-2.483 GHz.


In addition to the crucial features mentioned earlier, there are a number of Intelligent Trips Modes and Trip Efficiency enhancements. These settings consist of; Attract, Active Track, Tap Fly, Go Back To Residence, as well as Gesture Mode.


Active Track.

Faucet Fly.

Return to Home.


Flight efficiency renovations consist of; trip settings, sensing unit redundancy, Intelligent Trip Batteries, as well as the DJI Go 4 app. The Phantom 4 Advanced hasthree trip modes; Placement, Sport, and Atti.

Placement mode lets the drone link to GPS and also is excellent for holding placements precisely.

Sporting activity mode permits the drone to not depend on GPS, providing it heightened dexterity and speeds up to 45 mph (72 km/h).

Atti holds the drone’s altitude enabling smooth footage.

Redundancy implies safety. Having twin compass components as well as double IMU’s is a significant plus.

Smart flight batteries allow you to see just how much time is left airborne and also will immediately land the drone if power is too reduced.

The DJI Go 4 application is a digital photographer’s desire. The operator has full access to all the controls one would expect to have on a hands-on electronic camera such as; ISO, shutter rate, photo layouts, balance, and much more.

DJI Application Setups.

DJI Go Flight Modes.

Examine Prices.

Pros & Cons.

As with any system, there are several things we enjoy about the drone and also areas we desire DJI had done in different ways. Below is our listing of benefits and drawbacks for the Phantom 4 Advanced.


The 1″ CMOS video camera sensing unit is fantastic and records lovely 20MP pictures. Video is fired in 4K with 60fps @ 100mbps.

Built-in return-to-home safety and security feature is extremely trustworthy.

Both GENERAL PRACTITIONER as well as GLONASS and flight times are proficient at around 20-25 minutes.

The barrier avoidance system as well as VPS offer the pilot peace of mind.

Max series of 4.3 miles and also a top speed of 44.7 miles per hour and also fantastic pre-programmed features that even allow newbies to fly like a specialist.


The standard propellers are really loud as well as when flying ahead can sometimes be seen in the cam.

The electronic camera is not removable so you have to more than happy with what can be found in package.

Signal transmission is not available at 5.8 GHz.

Unlike the Phantom 4 Pro, there are no challenge avoidance sensing units on the side or in the rear of the drone.

Getting going.

Billing the battery.

Using the consisted of battery charger and also Intelligent Flight Battery is easy. The connector from the charger to the battery is built to mate perfectly with base of the battery.

It takes around 1 hr and also 10 minutes to charge a fully drained pipes battery.

Setting up the Controller.

The controller is constantly far better to establish first prior to the drone. The capacity to place a tablet computer on this control is a convenient feature. First, unfold the tablet computer mount from the RC. Attach the tablet into the install, link it to the remote making use of a USB cable, as well as expose the two antennas on top of the remote.

Taking a look at the remote, the button on the right is the return to the house button while left wing is the power switch. Press the power switch once and launch it. Next off, quickly press the power switch again till the eco-friendly as well as white LED’s brighten, and the remote makes the acquainted DJI beep.

Drone Controller.

DJI Remote.

Setting up the Aircraft.

The airplane is nearly all set to fly out of package. Get rid of the foam wedges that lock the drone and also gimbal into place. Next, place the battery into the quadcopter and make use of the overview grooves to line it up correctly.

For the four props, you’ll see some props have a silver ring, and also others have a black collar. The Black ring props are connected to the electric motors with black dots. Silver rings link to the blades without any dots. The propeller blades will certainly reveal you which direction to press down and turn for the propellers to secure right into area.

Since the airplane is currently operational press the power switch on the Intelligent Trip Battery as well as launch. Then press it once more and also hold it until all four of the environment-friendly LED bars brighten. The drone is ready to fly once it connects to the remote as well as DJI Go 4 application.

Obtaining a drone prepared.

Our Testimonial.

DJI’s Phantom 4 Advanced boasts a stunning combination of streamlined layout, impressive performance, and excellent photographic abilities. After running the Phantom, 4 Advanced with all of its features and abilities we were glad to see it live up to its buzz.

We’ll begin our review by reviewing our thoughts on the design. We were pleased with the remote. The controls and really feel are very acquainted to any individual who has actually flown DJI drones. While it’s still bulky as well as a little heavy when contrasted to other controllers on the market we liked it a great deal. The enhancement of a tablet owner made us extremely pleased. The holder is big sufficient to fit even a fifth generation IPad.

The aircraft is lightweight and also smooth. The care put into the aerodynamics of the drone is visible. The positioning of sensors for challenge avoidance and also array searching for made sense for the procedure of the drone without getting in the way. The landing gear for the drone is strong; nevertheless, leave the electronic camera unsafe in lots of situations. Overall it is an excellent bundle. Once air-borne, we discovered flight performance did not dissatisfy.

Phantom 4 Advanced Review.

Taking care of was really responsive and smooth out of package. The drone replied to the controls without hesitation. Breaking and also sudden course improvements felt natural as well as secure. The drone quickly rose to a height of 400 feet without any difficulty in all. We discovered flight distance to be concerning 85% of what in the guidebook, however, the reason could be some interference in the area.

In position setting, the drone was extremely steady. Floating was really smooth. In Sporting activity, we were able to obtain close to the max speed, and in Atti the drone remained degree as we recorded. The battery lasted closer to 22 minutes for us on average than the advertised thirty minutes.

We ran the drone through all the Intelligent Flight Modes; Attract appeared to be a little bit much more challenging to reach function than one would expect. After having fun with it for a bit, we had the ability to use it a lot more effectively.

ActiveTrack worked well. When the subject was locked on to, the drone was excellent at following. One cautionary note we discovered is while doing this; the drone might get also close to objects before obstacle avoidance stops it.

DJI Advanced.

The cam is amazing. As digital photographers, we played with all the settings and really felt as if we had a hand-operated camera in our hands– the integrated devices aid beginner photographers. The Car White Equilibrium (AWB) did a pretty good work of staying in line with the settings we would certainly have manually picked. In post-production, we found the top quality of the images and also video clip to be excellent.

Generally we assume this drone was a pinch hit DJI. When we first obtained our hands on it 2 years earlier, it was just what the physician gotten and stayed so to this particular day. The Phantom 4 Advanced is the ideal starter drone for any person participating in the commercial room and also seeking to do it as financially as possible. While there are a couple of sacrifices in capabilities when not going all the way to the Phantom 4 Pro, the Development design is still a solid choice 2 years down the line.

There are lots of merchants marketing packages for the Phantom 4 Advanced. Packages include a vast array of accessories from touchdown pads to knapsacks. With 2 years on the marketplace, there are a great deal of accessories to choose from; We believe these are a few good ones to consider;.

You will certainly need more batteries than the one included in the package. For those looking to make use of the Phantom 4 Advanced in its intended function as an entry-level commercial drone, we suggest having at least 4 Intelligent Trip Batteries.

For industrial digital photographers, you must have ND filters. Polar pro makes a great collection of these especially for the Phantom collection. Spare props are, of course, a must. We never such as to head out without a minimum of 2 additional sets.

Orange sunset.

Orange sunset.
Orange sunset.

Ultimately, although the drone is available in a foam case, it isn’t excellent for use. A backpack that can safely bring your Phantom 4 Advanced as well as whatever you need for it is vital. We recommend the Lowepro DroneGuard BP 450 AW. Make certain to check out our review of the knapsack on Drone Trouble.

For those looking for similar power and abilities outside the DJI household, we recommend thinking about one of the two drones listed here.

Different Drones.

Yuneec Typhoon 4K.

best drones for commercial usage.

Yuneec Typhoon 4K.
Yuneec Typhoon 4K.

The Yuneec Hurricane 4K has a number of the capacities we like in the Phantom 4 Advanced and also its selling around $700. With the ability to capture impressive 4K video and also 1080p/120fps slow motion video, digital photographers will certainly not be dissatisfied. The electronic camera also remains on a three-axis gimbal, however unlike the Phantom 4 Advanced the electronic camera is detachable. The Tropical cyclone 4K even includes a portable SteadyGrip for recording ground shots.

Attributes we like regarding the Tropical storm 4K are;.

A distortion-free lens which enables a 115-degree wide-angle view.

Smart features such as return home and Watch Me/Follow Me.

The removable gimbal and portable accessory.

Ability to stream video clip to various other devices.

Attributes we wish to see improved the Tropical storm 4K are;.

The drone operates just on Android tools.

Arrangement takes a little bit longer as you need an unique device to affix the props.

Calibration is required virtually every single time you fly, as well as the onboard compass requires a real compass to be suitably adjusted.

3DR Solo.

best drone under 500.

3DR Solo.
3DR Solo.

Although no more in manufacturing, the 3DR Solo is a capable drone that retails around $500. The Solo is ready to fly out of package and also is designed to work with the GoPro Cameras. Because of the drone’s open resource, SDK’s an API; it is simple to add customization to the video camera payload. An attribute many digital photographers take pleasure in. The drone is proficient in performance, but you will certainly not discover accident avoidance or other sensors located on the Phantom 4 Advanced.

Attributes we such as concerning the 3DR Solo are;.

The Solo can move fast! The maximum speed is 55 miles per hour (89 kmph).

Distance is impressive with a variety of 6 miles (9.5 km).

The lightweight of simply over 3 extra pounds makes the drone very mobile.

Features we want to see enhanced the 3DR Solo are;.

The Solo does not come with a camera. You need to purchase the GoPro or one more cam separately.

Some pilots have reported the Solo has a tendency to wander while in hover.

The GPS module is for one reason or another placed under the battery which can obstruct the signal.

Final Ideas.

UAV touchdown.

The Phantom 4 Advanced has definitely stood the test of time. This entry-level industrial drone has remained in the hands of professionals for over 2 years with far more appreciation than criticism.

We have actually used the drone properly considering that its launch as well as have actually found it dependable in feature with a high-quality result for both photo as well as video.

While there are a couple of sacrifices, one makes in not paying for the Phantom 4 Pro the Phantom 4 Advanced is an excellent selection taking into consideration the $300 rate difference.

After running the drone via all its features and checking out the bundle as all entire, we could not be more pleased with DJI. To all those aiming to end up being commercial drone pilots, we wholeheartedly suggest the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced.


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