Start with the truth that Shimano just makes low-profile reels. It’s unlikely that you’ll satisfy a conventional Baitcasters develop them.

In total amount, the firm provides 17 baitcasting reels yet if split by collection, after that we obtain only 8 lines. These are– Antares, Tranx, Metanium, Aldebaran, Bantam, Cronarch, Curado, SLX. I will tell you more about the attributes of every one.


This is the latest reel line. The wish to unify their reels has brought about the fact that Antares is now at the top of the firm’s substantial line of bait wheels. This is reels that established the criterion for quality.

However also, these reels are one of the most pricey and also are planned just for the most skilled fishermen lovers. The style of these reels is distinguished by a sleek covering as well as a smooth liquid-metal appearance. Besides, they have one of the most small as well as hostile design.

Right here, the current Shimano innovations are mounted: X-Ship, SVS cast control, Quiet Song, S3D spindle style, and so on. This line has very large equipment proportions and an instead handful of versions for lefties. A minimum of they are very tough to enter the U.S.A..


One of the most effective reels. When it comes to them, Shimano always has a reasonably small selection. Tranx has actually been on the market for rather time yet still remains to be very popular with fishermens.

Curado’s previous reels needed even more power and more ability. Consequently, Shimano established new reels using modern technology, such as X-Ship, and also HEG. This allows fishermens to much better handle hefty fish in salt as well as freshwaters.

The Tranx series is offered in four designs: 300, 400, and also for the left hand– 301 and also 401. They have a large gear proportion, line capacity and takes care of. Their major distinction is that they ideally incorporate power as well as spaciousness. With these reels, you can catch the biggest fish even in deep sea.

Shimano Baitcaster Combo Fishing Reels

Shimano Baitcaster Combo Fishing Reels
Shimano Baitcaster Combo Fishing Reels


Although numerous can have recommended that Metanium is an entirely brand-new reel, it’s in fact just an analog that changed JDM. It’s ending up being increasingly challenging to see the differences between brand-new generations of reels, however this line, luckily, handled to succeed.

Right here we have a lightweight, high-speed MGL spool, SVS Infinity brake system, as well as Ci 4+ side panels. The reels of this collection are light-weight, smooth as air, thanks to the layout of the spool and bearings.


Aldebaran debuted back in 2009 and also has actually considering that undertaken many top quality improvements. Cast modern technology has been especially boosted. The Aldebaran array has a modified reel coating and raised spool capability.

Reels of this series are the most flexible as well as can deal with lures of nearly any weight. The cast will certainly always get on top, regardless of whether you make it with smooth, light motions or whether you choose the exact as well as sharp remote actors.


The Bantam series is not something entirely new. The first reel of this series was released 40 years earlier. Their distinguishing feature is that Bantam basically removes the difference between low profile and round traditional reels.

These are several of the most talked-about Baitcasters on the market and also they actually differ from the previous generation reels. Below consolidated side plates, frame as well as wind defense to provide even more tightness to the reel. Reels are extremely quickly linked to nearly any type of rod and also integrate numerous of the current modern technologies: X-Ship, SVS Infinity, Cross Carbon drag system, and Infinity cast control.


If you need an inconspicuous reel that will certainly show how capacious bait-casters can be, then Cronarch is your choice. These are graphite reels with a rather tough structure and also superb casting range. The producer combined the enhancements in the SVS Infinity brake system and the outcomes were amazing.

In addition, equipment call was enhanced in these reels, which additionally enhanced performance. Given the brass product, we get a reel that can hold up against one of the most severe abuse. Reels have three equipment proportions– 6.2:1, 7.1:1, as well as 8.1:1. These high equipment proportions provide you a lot more line fetch.

Baitcasters From Shimano

Baitcasters From Shimano
Baitcasters From Shimano


Curado is just one of the most crucial segments in Shimano. This collection has the best demand and also is aimed at ordinary anglers that require a simple day-to-day reel.

After the launch of this line, ordinary fishermens were lastly able to attempt the X-Ship innovation and also obtain both power and also smooth retrieval. Generally, the Curado collection is reels with an angular style, black trim and a bigger manage, which nearly any person can afford.


After the launch of SLX, the battle for 100 dollar reels only flared a lot more. Shimano SLX resembles a real opponent in this issue and has nearly all the flagship features. Shimano remained true to custom and also still use an aluminum frame, instead of graphite as in most budget plan reels.

The SLX collection is changed to make sure that all reels stay everyday workhorses making use of boosted gears, a bigger deal with, and also a VBS brake system. Lots of bikers will instantly recognize the acronym SLX, which is made use of by Shimano for the production of mid-market bicycles. Similar to bikes, the SLX course reels give you with reputable as well as versatile angling versions.

Okay, now you know almost every little thing about the Shimano reel lines. However this is not completion. Now, I’ll tell you about the bait-caster, that I think about being the very best kid of Shimano. This is Shimano Cronarch MGL 150.



Let’s start, by practice, with product packaging. Cronarch concerns us in black glossy product packaging. Above, we promptly see a substantial inscription in white letters– “Cronarch MGL”, and listed below the design number. In our instance, this is 150. Incidentally, a little later, when we’ll speak about the spool, I’ll tell you what the acronym MGL suggests.

On the side of package, we see the highlights of this reel, as well as on the bottom, there’s information about the manufacturer as well as cautions that are duplicated on the top. Let’s open it.

So, after opening package, we are greeted by a customer manual and also a comprehensive guide on parts of the reel. And afterwards we see what I just adore Shimano for. They put their specialized reel oil right here! Naturally, it should be there for its cash, but anyway, this is a positive enhancement.

That’s all. Aside from the reel itself, absolutely nothing else lies inside. As a whole, the box inside looks rather bad, but if you do not consider the appearance of package, then whatever is jam-packed pretty as well as attractive.


Yes, lastly the reel itself. When it comes to the style, everything right here is exceptional as well. Shimano really did not just make a brand-new collection with Ci4+ and the other spindle as well as called it Cronarch. There may be a comparable strategy to layout, but this reel is made in a more extreme, dark grey design.

Contrasting the frame and also side plates with the reels of the previous generation, I can claim that this is the same Ci4+, yet tougher to the touch. The product of the reel is composite carbon. Allow’s evaluate and also recognize that the coil is in the ordinary weight array– 6.48 ounces.

Generally, the reel look is quite classy and aggressive. On our left is a steel handle with two very large rubber knobs. Although these are not my favorite EVA handles, the manages don’t elope even if the hands are oily or damp. Likewise, on the side of the manage, there are inscriptions regarding the business as well as the version of the reel. HG suggests a High Ratio.


Below we have the standard for Shimano SVS Infinity. The axial brake is located near the handle, yet the Infinity brake is on the side panel beyond. There’s additionally an adjustment panel.

Open the brake and see what’s inside. This brake system exists with four footwear. What’s truly great is that the designers made the brakes out of new material. This product enables you to readjust the reel to ensure that you can quickly really feel and readjust it despite having hefty lures.

Directly, I such as when two on and also 2 off, this provides a good feeling and also exceptional casting performance. The brake controller can be set from 1 to 6. Naturally, with this, you’ll intend to adjust the stress of your spool with which the axial brake will help you.


Like all Cronarchs Ci4+, this version includes an X-Ship. X-Ship is a basically brand-new layout for equipments in a reel that give you fantastic durability. It also assists to obtain more smoothness during casts and retrieval. Furthermore, the X-Ship gives you the possibility to cast with lighter baits that you enjoy a lot and that can’t manage reels without this modern technology.

Cronarch has a gear ratio

Cronarch has a gear ratio
Cronarch has a gear ratio

Still not nearly enough smoothness? Well, just for this, the maker placed below 8 + 1 bearings, which, in combination with the X-Ship, offer you a sensation of fantastic smoothness. Cronarch has an equipment proportion of 6.2:1. This is a lovely standard for Shimano reels. When working with fish, it’s good at obtaining both hefty as well as lightweight.


The drag star has a micro-click, and also it’s not also loud as in numerous bait-casters and doesn’t cut the ear when functioning. Maximum drag power– 11 pounds. The modification is really precise and also precise, yet I simply placed it in the middle setting. For me, this is an excellent position.


So, what does MGL mean in the abbreviation of the reel? MGL marks the new Magnum Light product, which increases casting effectiveness and range. The spindle of this reel is simply made from such material. Unlike various other reels, the spool in this reel is much lighter. This enhancement allows you to cast 10-15% additionally. Additionally, you’ll require to make much less initiative to cast your bait regarding you want.


I really did not invest so much time placing the Cronarch MGL on my Ugly Stik USCA662МН as well as starting casting. The first bait that I used was the Megabass Diving FlapSlap. This 3/8 ounce jerk lure is the most effective fit for our combo.

As well as here, the MGL spool and the brake system offer a really great performance. If you have not tried this, you’re shedding a lot. I evaluated the reels with the usual SVS Infinity, yet when Shimano integrated it with the brand-new magnum lite spool, it became brilliant.

Both performance and simplicity of spreading have actually ended up being far better, to ensure that in regards to caste, Cronarch is doing fantastic. As I have actually already stated, micro-modular gears offer a smoother and also denser contact in between parts.

Include in this the use of brass rather than light weight aluminum and you get a reel that’ll be ready to function under severe tons and use. I make sure that this reel is better than its precursors. The enhanced gear proportion as well as the increased take care of provide me even more confidence in this.


Shimano Chronarch leaves the impression of a great super-smooth as well as lightweight reel. It has all the functions that you get out of a top quality reel. New technology combinations, such as SVS Infinity, X-Ship, and MGL spool, allow this reel to cast and also have a performance that other baitcasting reels don’t have.

Shimano Chronarch MGL CHMGL150

Shimano Chronarch MGL CHMGL150
Shimano Chronarch MGL CHMGL150

If I needed to choose only one reel with which I need to fish for a long time, I would certainly pick Shimano Chronarch.


Really smooth

Fantastic casting range

MGL spool

SVS Infinity stopping system

Not so pricey as various other Shimano reels

Ci4+ solid body

Not noisy drag


I like huge takes care of so I assume knobs could be larger


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