Sky Viper V2450 Review – Affordable and Beginner friendly Quadcopter

It’s a golden time for drone lovers as there is an exponential rise in technical capabilities of the new-age drones while the prices come down year after year. There are dozens of drones with a bunch of different features and every month a new drone model pops up in the market. It can be really confusing to make a choice especially when you are on tight budget. 

Sky Viper has offered some of the posh drones that struck the chords with drone enthusiasts across the world. Though Sky Viper is relatively a new entrant in the drone game, they have been pushing some of the best affordable and feature rich drones from last couple of years. The parent company, Skyrocket Toys has delivered some innovative toys that are driven with modern technologies like virtual reality.

V2450 has surely emerged as the most popular model among all the drones in Sky Viper line. It is a great package with must-have features and the best thing is it’s an affordable drone.

In this post, we’ve reviewed the Sky Viper V2450 drone and explore all it’s features with pros and cons so that you can figure out if it’s the right fit for you. Let’s dive in without waiting any further!

Best Features of Sky Viper V2450


One thing that made us fall in love with Sky Viper V2450 is it’s built-in GPS feature. Yes, there are a whole lot of drones with powerful GPS tracking, but there is no other drone in this price range that offers this feature. The GPS with a return-home feature has made  V2450 the most sought after model among all other drones from the Sky Viper brand. The beginner drone flyers surely enjoy flying the V2450 because it’s super easy to navigate. You have to just press the GPS button to get your drone back to the launching spot. 

Build Quality

It is a compact quadcopter that weighs only 0.35 pounds (little over 150 grams). It’s comfortable to carry during the travel or a day out. Sky Viper has done an extraordinary job with the motors. They have used brushless motors in V2450 which is quite a surprise considering the price and size of the drone. The build quality is decent, but they would have used a durable material for the blade guards. We suggest you treat it carefully as the blade guards seem to be delicate.


The front tilted camera can record at a 30fps when you are saving it on the SD card. You can also record the stream on your phone. 720p is good but it would have been better if there is a gimbal to stabilise the video. But that’s expecting too much for the price. The video quality is average but performs well without any glitch.


It comes with a 650 milliampere battery and that keeps the drone flying for 7-10 minutes.  It takes around 1 hour to fully charge the rechargeable battery with the USB. The good thing is you can buy supplement batteries with more capacity and they work well with this drone. It’s easy to remove the battery and  it takes just a second to swap the fully charged battery. We suggest you to buy a couple of extra batteries as the flight time is limited to just 7 minutes. 

Beginner Friendly

V2450 has got all the necessary features to keep the beginners excited. It has got a return now button with an efficient GPS, the forward tilted camera with 720p video recording, the WiFi access, MicroSD slot, auto-hover and gentle landing, high quality RC thumbsticks, FPV headset etc. It is probably the most beginner friendly drone out there. It’s a great package and most importantly it comes at an affordable price. It’s one of the best choices for first time drone flyers and hobbyists. 

Pros and Cons

Like all the drones, V2450 has got its own set of pros and cons. 


  1. Adequate design and durable build quality
  2. It’s created for  anyone with 12+ year age. It’s super easy to operate as you can control it with a single finger on the joystick.
  3. The return now button brings the drone back to the launching spot.
  4. Hassle-free navigation.
  5. Small in size and lightweight. Easy to carry around.
  6. The advanced gyros and flight control system offer a smooth and stable flight.


  1. It’s may throw some difficulty during the take-off especially for the first couple of times. But once you get the motion and speed right, you can expect a smooth flight.
  2. Limited control range.(500 feet)
  3. Average camera image resolution.

How to Fly Sky Viper V2450?

Flying V2450 is intuitive and super easy. Here are the basic instructions.

If you are a new pilot, we suggest you fly the drone in an Auto mode. Press the auto button (it’s located on left side of the joystick)

Press the Launch button (right side of joystick) to take off. You can control the drone using the left and right throttles. 

By moving the left throttle up you can let the drone higher. In the same way, move the thumbstick down to lower the drone.

Move the left thumbstick right or left to rotate the drone.

By moving the right thumbstick up and down, you can fly the drone forward and backwards. 

Here’s the picture that illustrates all the controls on the joystick. 

You’ll get a detailed manual in the box. You can also download the instructions from the website.

Wrapping up…

Sky Viper V2450 is undoubtedly an exciting drone for first-timers. It’s easy to operate and the app provides all the instructions in a user-friendly manner. It seamlessly shuffles between auto and manual modes and the control sensitivity is also up to the mark. It’s all fun once the setup is done. The recording feature is awesome as it smoothly captures the flight videos  If you are thinking of Christmas present or a birthday gift to a teenager, you can certainly consider Skyviper V2450 drone. Overall, Sky Viper V2450 is an exciting drone for kids, teenagers and adults. 


Flight Time


Overall it is a beast

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