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Drones often termed as Unmanned Aerial Systems-UAV is newly emerged technology which belongs to the family of aircrafts, that doesn’t require pilot to control them. These aircrafts neither have pilots nor passengers on board and are controlled remotely via radio waves. Aircrafts of this type doesn’t come in specific size and shape. They are often designed with surveillance and monitoring accessories which are equipped in its infrastructure in the form of the optoelectronic heads. Initially standard Drone technology was used by army and  government departments only for monitoring and safety purposes but as technology evolved new and various type  of drones were developed which can now be used for multiple purpose, not only by army and government but by everyone for entertainment, racing, video graphics and many  more . One of the famous type of drone used widely these days are FPV (first person View) drones, which uses FPV technology in which a video camera is mounted on aircraft that captures live video from a long distance and transmits it to the ground pilot who are flying and controlling the direction and speed of the drone as if they are on board. This FPV Drones  are becoming famous day by day and are used for multiple purposes in which FPV racing drones is the most prominent one  used for drone racing  which is a new digital activity growing rapidly as a competitive sport.


Since the first drone hit the market, wide range of individuals started to experiment on its functionality and main focus was on its speed. Soon after the launch of FPV technology variety of racing drones with excellent speed and functionality were designed with the purpose of using them for drone racing, which is a popular new sport with a lot of followers and is considered really serious to the extent that a prestigious world championship takes place every year in Hawaii. Racing drones are designed quite differently from  standard drones as the focus  is mainly on their speed and agility rather than on steady flight as in standard one. Some of the top best racing drones in market for sale which are designed with excellent functionality and extremely devastating  features to support racers for this sport are as follows:-

BLADE MACH 25 Review

 Blade mach 25 is a racing drone which is designed mainly for beginners. This racing drone is quite different from other racing drones as it is  lot more lighter in weight  and extremely durable mainly because of its carbon fiber body and aluminum supports. This racing gadget is designed with some really incredible illustrations on its body and has a flight duration of around 6 minutes, as it is equipped with Spectrum A3174 receiver, ESC+PDB system, and a 1350mAh LiPo battery .Though it is really good for beginners, there is one thing that needs to be  considered before buying this racing drone, which is  that it will surely minimize all kind of latency issues as  it is equipped with CCD FPV solid camera and is quite affordable with market price not more than 150$, but it doesn’t come with a controller or a transmitter and is only supported by a receiver which is compatible only with spectrum radios.


Another racing drone found mostly in markets these days is Odysseys starfall X. This racing drone holds almost same technology as of Blade Mach 25 as is perfect fit for beginners, but with an exception of its speed which is up to 55mph due to its powerful brushless motors, which increases the probability of wining race. It is designed in very eye catchy yellow and black color scheme which make it visible from a long distance. This drone have 1300 mAh battery with a flight time ranging between 8 to 10 minutes. This FPV Drone provides 300 meters view without any intervention and has 500 meters maximum operating range. Sale price of this drone ranges between  150$ to 180$ almost same as of Blade Mach 25.


Taking everything into account, in case you’re an amateur in drone racing and need something that can sharpen your abilities and give you a pleasant expectation to absorb information about drones racing and that too in affordable price range of not more that 200$, than no other option is better than Walkera Rodeo 110. Developed by one of the best known brand Walkera, this miniature racing drone is fully fledged with 600TVL wide angle camera along with 200MW/600MW transmission almost eliminating any sort of latency issue. This miniature got wide audience and is everyone’s number one on the list when it comes to 110mm racing drones. The Rodeo 110 has a carbon fiber outline and is manufactured rigidly with a flight time of 5 to 6 minutes which is because of   its small 850 mAh  Lipo battery. It includes a F3 flight controller and supports flight adjustment, which keeps this racing gadget completely  consistent and thus a perfect fit for  beginners. Its radio transmission however only  supports PPM and SBUS, but there is an obvious option of installing other radios like Futaba.


Eachine is a very powerful ready to fly Drone capable for both freestyle or FPV racing. This racing drone runs on 2205-22300KV motors paired together with great 20AESCs. With an addition to this it comes with a top notch 700 TVL CCD camera and a steadfast 5.8Ghz 48CH 200mw transmitter. Default propellers are King Kong purple ones, however  alteration is always possible. This drone is an additional model with respect to the one discussed above and hence  holds really good 1500mAh 25C xT60 LiPo Battery, which enhance its flight time. Since it is a ready to fly drone, package of this wizard comes with all parts and functions already set, with an addition to some more accessories like wrenches, antenna, battery straps, and B3 charger. Despite the fact that it is fully functioned advanced racing drone, it doesn’t support flight adjustment, get back and elevation hold capacities, though it’s incredibly responsive and lets you take control inside no time.

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