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Drone Fishing in Australia

Australia located in the womb of the great oceans in the southern hemisphere,with very nearly 60,000 kilometers (37,000 miles) of coastline and in excess of 5000 marine species, this spot is angling paradise, if you love exquisite aquatic life and crave a flavour for amazing fish & chips this is the right pace for you,the country hosts the largest game fishing tournament in the southern hemisphere.

Have you ever thought about stretching your arms and going for the catch yourself, but got denied by the hustle of locating the school of tasty salmon or the tough fight a massive tuna would put up to fall prey. Most enthusiasts fall short from achieving their ambitious fishing targets due to the lack of immobility at the shore and not being able to go beyond their eyesight. 

To combat this problem of human reach and harness the ability of achieving your wildest fishing dreams, comes the craze of drone fishing, where the drones are used as tools to help you extend your peripheral vision above the beautiful horizon and the lush aquascape, drones not only help with spotting the fish but here is-the-best part they can also drop baits. 

We can cast a bait way into the deep waters from the shoreline even without a boat beating the tardiness of learning how to row and of course a ton of safety precautions one has to take care embarking to catch a fish which they are not even sure of will be there.

Drones being able to cast the hook to regions beyond the eye can view, with the help of the cameras and payload releases and much more packed features, drone fishing leaves everyone wanting more, to harness and maximise the utility is limited and left to the fisherman’s imagination. 

Some of the marvelous destinations to take fly your drone over to fish in Australia are:


North Queensland, specifically the zone from Cairns northwards along the Great Barrier Reef, is known as the black marlin capital of the world. As indicated by the International Game Fishing Association records, up to 70 percent of all “granders” (black marlin surpassing 1,000 lbs) are gotten in these waters every year. The tropical waters running across the reef and along the continental shelf are incredibly rich in bait fish and plankton and also attract species such as yellowfin tuna, Spanish mackerel, mahi mahi (dorado), barracuda, trevally, wahoo, and sailfish.

Top End

Encompassing Darwin and Kakadu National Park, the tropical northernmost tip of the Northern Territory or “Top End,offers some spectacular blue-water sport fishing with longtail tuna, queen fish and Spanish mackerel among the most popular species. Catching a big barra is top of the bucket list for many here, the choice of operators and fishing experiences in the Top End is almost as vast as the array of fish.

Cape York

Cape York offers fishers the ultimate Australian aquatic fishing adventure. Accessible only by 4 wheel drive, the remote far north tip of Australia is famous for its pristine beaches; uninhabited islands; and fish-rich tidal estuaries, lagoons, and rivers. Barramundi, cobia, mangrove jack, trevally, queenfish, mackerel, king salmon, cod, giant trevally, and tuna are all top catches here.


A contender to the Great Barrier Reef can be found right at the tip of Western Australia.  may be smaller and less well known than the illustrious reef on the east coast, but it is equally beautiful. The renowned World Heritage recorded it as home to an unfathomably differing exhibit of life and has one incredible favorable position: it is so near the shore in spots that you can swim to it from the shoreline. A line can be casted here for species such as milkfish, bonefish, blue bone, queenfish, cobia, permit, trevally, mahi mahi, wahoo, and tuna. The continental shelf lies only a few kilometers away from the edge of the reef offering excellent deep sea fishing. 

Central Highlands

Tasmania offers an eminent cluster of fly-angling alternatives wherever from lakes to rapids to peaceful waterways and apparently the most flawless strain of wild darker trout on the planet. During spring, good country waters are incredible for wet fly angling. Some lakes can only be reached by foot, but this is part of their magic.