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DJI Mavic Pro 2 Vs Phantom 4 Pro

Phantom4 Vs MavicPro2

We will be comparing the two most advanced DJI drones – Mavic 2 pro and Phantom 4 pro to help you decide which drone to invest in. The reason we are comparing the Mavic 2 pro to the Phantom 4 Pro instead of the mavic series is because the new Mavic 2 pro beats all its older versions in pretty much every category. As I have been using both the drones for a while, I will share my honest thoughts and will show you how the Mavic 2 pro and Phantom 4 pro compare.

First off, the price. The prices of the drones are pretty similar and the price of the Mavic is slightly less expensive than phantom. The phantom comes with built in screen and costs $300 more than the Mavic 2 pro.

Next step is weight and size. The mavic weighs in at 2 pound and the phantom at 3 pounds. They both have the same footprint but the mavic is about two times shorter. So the mavic wins at being more portable as it can be folded and carried in a smaller bag than the phantom 4 which makes it travel friendly. Both this drones have a similar setup time and the setup process is fairly simple for both of them. From taking them out of the bag and flying them up into the air it takes around 1min 10sec on average for both of these drones.

The difference in focal length. The phantom has a focal length of 24 mm whereas the mavic is slightly tighter at 28mm. Plus the mavic also has a mode called 4k HQ which gives a tighter focal length around 40 mm. So no winner necessarily, just the differences in focal length.

Lets now talk about performance

Flight time. The phantom gives you 30min per battery and the mavic gives you 32min per battery. Slight win for the mavic but not much, to matter for real time applications.

Next is the top speed. They both claim to go 45mph so, no advantage either way there

The distance range. The mavic has a slight advantage here claiming 8km control range where as phantom claims only 7km.

Obstacle avoidance. After testing both drones, they do a great job at avoiding obstacles. However the mavic pro has a little better tech as the phantom came a little earlier than the mavic. You can catch the phantom 4 with your hand while flying but the mavic pro does not allow you to grab it as it can sense your arm and moves away. I have crashed my phantom 4 into several trees on several occasions, so do not depend on these sensors because they are not perfect.

When it comes to wind resistance. They are both rated at 23mph wind resistance. So far as being able to function in the wind they both do a great job. Because the mavic is 1lb lighter, it gets thrown around a little bit in the wind especially while doing slow moving shots like a hyperlapse. So, the phantom has a slight advantage.

The tracking features.  The mavic 2 pro has the new ActiveTrack 2.0 versus the version 1 on the phantom. So it has improved and better tracking ability. I was super impressed with the way the mavic pro can position an object perfectly in the center and do a 360 around it automatically without any input from the controller. The mavic also has 3 different modes- trace mode, profile mode and spotlight mode. Spotlight being my favourite, in which it keeps the subject at the center of the shot while moving the drone freely, which allows for some awesome parallax movements which are a bit harder to do manually. So the mavic wins with the newer active track system.

Ease of use and learning curve. If you are new to drones, it is going to take a lot of practise to get those smooth buttery shots and to understand how to control those movements but that having been said, they are both beginner friendly. Anyone can pick it up and operate one decently within a short period of time. But the mavic is slightly easier because of its active track 2.0

The controller functionality. The phantom wins here because of the built in screen, which is better than having to use my phone with the mavic 2 controller. It drains the phones battery superfast

Durability and build quality. Overall the phantom feels sturdier and less like a toy but it is bulky where as the mavic can be folded up to carry around. The mavic can still hold up to some normal wear and tear.

Internal storage. The mavic comes with 8Gb of internal storage which is awesome for those moments when you have forgotten to take the SD card out of the computer, which I have done on many occasions, where as the mavic 2 has no internal storage.

Hyperlapse. Hyperlapse is new in the mavic 2 and phantom 4 pro does not have it. As mentioned earlier, Mavic shakes a little bit in the wind, which introduces a lot of unnecessary play to the footage unless shot in the ideal weather conditions.

The overall video quality. First up is the resolution and frame rate. Both shoot at 4k but the mavic only does it upto 30fps where as the phantom 4  can do 4k at 60fps. This in not a deal breaker unless you want to shoot a lot of slow motion video. Mavic supports 10-bit colour versus the 8-bit colour on the phantom. So the mavic provides more colour information to work with. The mavic’s hasselblad sensor is bigger than the one on the phantom but it’s colour temperature is a bit warmer than the phantom.

On the whole the mavic is cheaper, smaller, quieter, the 10-bit colour for better gradability and it has newer tech so it’s got some advance features. Where as the phantom is more sturdier and easier to fly when its windy and comes with a controller with inbuilt screen option.