Best DJI Go Compatible Tablets

iPad Air (2019 )

Since March 2019, Apple has actually amazed everyone by releasing 2, all new additions to their iPad collection – the Air and the Mini.

First up is the brand-new iPad Air, which features Apples brand-new A12 chip, indisputably powerful adequate to run the DJI app.

Something to bear in mind with Apple, is that they have actually openly admitted to slowing down their older version tools, in order to urge their dedicated customers to purchasing their latest products.

So, if you’ve got an older Apple, and it’s lagging a little bit, that’s probably why!

best dji go compatible tablet

Despite this, iPads are still the way to go with us drone flyers, as well as their new iPad Air is the best of the very best.

For me, the best feature of the Air is the display size. Regardless of not being any type of larger in dimension, Apple has greatly decreased the bezzles of the gadget, enabling a whopping 10.5 inch display.

And also, the iPad just considers 456g, so you’ll easily have the ability to bring this in your knapsack without breaking a sweat.

iPad Mini (2019 )

If portability is a vital element for you, then the most up to date iPad Mini is by far the best tablet for your DJI drone.

This little monster weighs in at simply over 300 grams, yet still includes a 7.9-inch retina display, the biggest to be included in Apples Mini series.

It enables a stunning, unblocked sight of the responses from your drones’ cam, permitting specific, spectacular aerial shots effortlessly.

What’s more, the Mini features the exact same A12 chip seen in the iPad Air, supplying it with ample handling power to maintain your real-time feed up and running, inconvenience complimentary.

best dji go tablet

Naturally, you have actually obtained both Wi-Fi and cellular choices, with the latter costing somewhat more. Nonetheless, as this allows you to make use of numerous smart flight modes, it’s definitely worth the a little bigger financial investment.

Overall, this is the most portable, excellent quality iPad we’ve seen to day, ideal for drone aviation and also capturing top-notch, professional airborne imagery.

iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is the final iPad model on our listing of the most effective DJI Go compatible tablets, as well as you can say we have actually saved the best for last.

Likewise to the iPad Mini, the iPad Pro can be found in 2 available alternatives– Wi-Fi only and also Wi-Fi & Cellular. The tablets storage ability ranges from 32GB– 256GB with the price raising as necessary.

With a 9.7″ retina screen of 2056 x 1536 pixels the iPad Pro gives a vivid as well as high quality display screen that is best for drone piloting. The tablet computer itself is 6.6 x 9.4 x 0.24 inches as well as weighs 435g.

Ideal DJI Go Suitable Tablet Computers.

The iPad Pro is powered by an A9X chip, a M9 co-processor, which is Apples’ most advanced handling unit to day. The tablet computers battery life of 10 hrs is not just very excellent, however more than enough for drone flying.

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Finest Android Tablet For DJI Go Application Checklist.

DJI Crystal Sky.

The Crystal Skies is the only authorities DJI product on our list of the most effective DJI suitable tablets and can be found in 3 designs.

These are novice course, mid-class and pro course. I will swiftly review each one of these, so you can see the distinctions.

Newbie Class: 5.5″ display, max brightness of 1000nits as well as a 32gb integrated hard disk drive.

Best DJI Go Compatible Tablet Computers.

Mid-Class: 7.85″ screen, max brightness of 1000nits and also a 64gb integrated disk drive.

Pro-Class: 7.85″ display, max illumination of 2000 nits as well as a 124gb inbuilt hard disk drive.

For the rest of this mini-review, I’ll be reviewing the mid-class Crystal Skies, as that is the most prominent version.

As the DJI Crystal Sky is made as well as crafted especially for drone pilots, the display is able to carry out in sunshine very well with marginal glow. It is also exceptionally bright, being 3.9 x brighter than the iPad Pro as well as 4.8 x brighter than the iPad mini.

The Crystal Skies’s measurements are 8.1 x 5.7 x 0.6 inches (Length x Size x Deepness) and weighs 425grams. The tablet itself is manufactured from durable industrial quality plastic as well as uses IPS display innovation. This makes the screen brighter, with even more realistic colours and seldom warms up.

Sadly you must buy an owner for your Crystal Sky separately, which is frustrating yet doesn’t stop it from being the most effective DJI Go suitable tablet around. If you are actually major about flying your drone, this is what you wish to buy.

Crystal Skies Compatible Drones:.

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced & Professional.

DJI Phantom 4 Series.

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum.

DJI Inspire Series.

DJI Matrice.

DJI Mavic Air.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom.

Inspect Costs.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.

If you’re searching for a top quality Android tablet computer for the DJI Go application, the Galaxy Tab S4 is a great alternative.

What makes the S4 so unique?

The S4 has been fitted with a larger 10.5 inch display as well as has a monstrous 16-hours battery life from a single fee.

This is unbelievably helpful if you’re taking a trip with your drone and also are unable to on a regular basis charge your tablet computer. Plus, the tablet can be fully butted in just under 200-minutes, which is rather fast for a tablet computer of that size.

best android tablet for dji go.

In terms of storage space, the Samsung Tab S4 is readily available in 64GB and also 256GB, with the alternative of putting a different SD card of as much as 400GB.

Although this storage space is dazzling, the opportunities are you’ll be recording onto your SD card, so it matters not that much. If you intend to maintain your drone footage on your tablet to reflect on, it’s risk-free to say the Tab S4 can hold some major hours of clips.

The tablet computer itself is pretty damn powerful, with 4GB RAM and also a 2.35 GHz processor that need to quickly be able to deal with the needs of the DJI app.

Inspect Rates.

NVIDIA Shield K1.

Relocating onto the NVIDIA Guard K1, which is one of the globe’s most popular gaming tablet computers as well as has come to be the go to android tablet for DJI Go.

The NVIDIA possess a perfectly sized 8.9″ display screen with a 1920 x 1200 HD resolution. Unfortunately the optimum screen brightness is only 471nits, which when compared to the 1000nits of the Crystal Sky, does not appear like much.

As with the majority of models on our listing of the very best DJI compatible tools, a sunshade is probably required.

best dji go suitable tablet.

Considering the Shield K1 is built for video gaming, its’ Tegra K1 cpu and also 2GB RAM are more than enough to efficiently run the DJI Go Application. Just considering 390 grams, the NVIDIA Guard is exceptionally simple to transport as well as is ideal for pilots who are on the choose their tools.

The tablet computer additionally features a micro-SD slot that can be utilized to store up to 120gb of data. This is really useful for saving your outstanding aerial pictures as well as images that you will definitely be capturing.


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