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The enormous development in technology and the progress which we have made in the past few decades have greatly influenced our lifestyles, living habits, hobbies etc. Most of the things which we used to do manually in the past has been replaced by digital gadgets. Let it be our social interactions, our day to day activities or most of the physical sports like games, gatherings etc almost everything is digitalized and is behind or within our digital devices. Although people like this digital replacement, but there are still some aspects of life which are liked to be performed manually and people like to engage in such activities to take a break from digital world and invest some of their time in some natural and physically involving activities. One among these activities, that is still famous and favorite for most of the people especially men specie since last few decades is fishing. We all know the benefits of eating fish, but there are quite few of population who knows that the act of fishing or angling holds a lot of benefits as well. For example it’s a great physical activity, it reveals stress hence good for brain, it teaches us how to be patients and also how to have focus on something. Fishing is basically the act catching fishes with the help of various tools. One of the most preferred fishing tool these days are fishing reels.


Electric Fishing reel is a well known fishing gear that works together with fishing rod for catching fishes. Fishing reels are utilized for deploying as well as recovering fishing line with the assistance of a coil connected on an axle. There are variety of fishing reels available in market, which are designed for different fishing activities. But due to this large variety it is really hard to find the best reel that gives you maximum benefit. Below section discusses about the best fishing reels which are being used for a while and have real potential to catch fishes in a go. SHIMANO FISHING REELS SHIMANO is a well known name for anglers and professional fishermen, as they are one of the top best manufacturers of fishing equipments since 1921. SHIMANO is a Japanese based Company that has launched wide variety of qualitative fishing reels and is one of the most preferred brand because of its offering. All of their fishing reels have one thing in common that surpass all other brands which is they’re as smooth the same number of reels that are considerably more costly, they’re as extreme as nails and they’re incredible at withstanding the destructive saltwater climate. All of their brands are highly recommended but one which is a best till date is SHIMANO Stradic.


One of the best reel by this amazing company is SHIMANO STRADIC, which is highly recommended for anglers who want to have long term investment. This extremely powerful reel comes in about 1000 to 5000 sizes and is surprisingly very light weighted weighing only about 5.4 to 11.3 ounces. It’s incredible X-ship technology allows the reel to offer impressive gear durability and minimizes friction between the spool shafts and the gear that greatly enhances casting activity. Anyone wishing to have a best fishing a reel for long term fishing and excellent performance can consider SHIMANO STRADIC Fishing reels at an affordable price range between 199$ to 299$. PENN FISHING REELS PENN International manufacturers are one of the best brand in the market offering fish tackling tools from last 6 generation. It would not be wrong to say that almost 90% of the anglers have experienced PENN’s products once in their lifetimes. PENN fishing reels are really hard to resist as they offers high quality reels that are integrated with all the features that angler require for attaining best results. Moreover this is a life time investment if taken good care so price factor is negligible.


One of the most popular model by manufacturers serving from last decade because of its qualitative offerings and affordable price. This fishing reel is extremely lightweight that comes in a graphite body with side plates along with machined aluminium coil comprising of line capacity rings. Moreover the coil comprises of snapping retainers that clearly gives the angler and idea with its click sound when is fully set up and ready to use hence avoiding any mishap. The reel is really powerful as it makes it possible for anglers to catch big fishes smoothly and with ease. Whether it is Atlantic ocean or a medium sized canal PENN SQUALL will always be your perfect partner for the activity. The price of these fishing reels ranges between $124.95 – $154.95, which is not bad for its offerings. So if you are fond of catching big fishes smoothly, PENN Squall Level Wind Fishing Reels are highly recommended, as with these reels you will surely not be left without a big catch.


Daiwa Seiko is another well known Japanese fishing reels manufacturing brand that came into being in 1955 by a Japanese individual who was greatly fond of Fishing. Although with the manner in which the reels from this brands are evaluated, it is not possible for every other angler to consider them. But it is still recommended because of their impressive offerings. Although all reels from DAIWA offers qualitative features, but BG SALTWATER FISHING REEL is highly recommended.


DAIWA’S BG saltwater fishing reel is a perfect fit for those looking for a good resistant reel. This reel offers incredible resistance pressure and is very long-lasting. Daiwa BG comes in a black Anodized Aluminium hard Body along with an Air motor and weighs only about 8.5 ounces. Furthermore it is equipped with Infinite Anti (4000 and smaller) and Dual-Anti Anti (4500 and smaller) reverse system. Manufacturers are still enhancing BG series day by day with their newly launched models. At a price range of about $85.99 – $182.53 one can experience outstanding experience of fishing whether in ultra weight fresh water or in heavy heights of saltwater. This reel is highly recommended considering price factor as well as product offerings as it is one among those models of DAIWA that is equipped with all standard and enhanced features of reels offered by the company line at reasonable price.


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