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Drone fishing line release and drop

Professional Release and Drop device for Drone Fishing, Bait Release, Payload Delivery, Search & Rescue, Fun Activities for DJI Mavic 1 Pro/Platinum (FOR Mavic 2 use ASIN B07JR7RLYD) by Drone Sky Hook

The revolutionary Drone-Sky-Hook Release & Drop apparatus for DJI Mavic PRO unleashes your creativity for exciting adventures! It’s by far the most sophisticated and finest Delivery & Fall device available now for your DJI Mavic PRO series drones. Take advantage of your Drone to take variety of payloads which may be hauled and then published & dropped over a goal place.

Take your drone encounter to another level! With infinite selection, you are able to release & shed the payload simply by rotating your drone (no linkage into the drone’s leading LED lighting is required) or by pressing on the C1 or C2 button in the DJI drone remote control.

Connect-And-Fly in moments! No tools required! No alteration of any sort to this drone is demanded!

Your drone will tug on your fishing line with lure/bait and hooks to the sea and drop them into the water on your control. Bait launch for Deep Sea fishing in the Shore hasn’t been so simple! Find and catch big fish easily in the comfort of the beach chair or ship. Reduce Balloons, Flowers, Confetti, Candies, Party Favors and much more from up your drone in the skies.
SEARCH and RESCUE – Utilize your own drone in Search and Rescue missions. Carry, send and shed Supplies, First Aid, Medicine, Communication and Survival gear, cellular phones and water to people in need. Carry and shed some life vest or floatation apparatus to a drowning man. Deliver and shed a rescue security line to stranded individual in flooded areas or unreachable places.

Benefits of Operation with Infinite Range — Trigger the dip with C1/C2 button in your drone’s remote control or just Restart your drone to activate the fall.

Connect-And-Fly in moments! – No tools required! – No alteration to your own drone! – Little and weighs only 50 grams which allows your drone to take maximum payload weight.


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