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Vivitar 360 Sky View Review

Vivitar is a well known name in optic industry and has been manufacturing finest lens and other optical devices since 1938.Because of the rapid demand of drones with high quality lens that offers impressive pictures, Vivitar has recently stepped in drone market, in spite of having  big competitors like DJI, Parrot, Uvify etc, Vivitar still manages to gain attention of many users with their finest developed products. This is mainly because they stepped in the market with a vision of developing products with excellent  cameras and lens which is their specialty, that offers high quality videos and pictures, as it is one of the main demand of any drone. Each developed product is unique and exhibits company’s specialty which is of superior lens cameras. Vivitar has developed 4 drones till date which are as follows.

what is in the box of Vivitar 360 Drone
What comes in the box of Vivitar 360 Drone


 Vivitar 360 Sky View drone  is Wi-Fi HD video drone with 360 degree, 16 megapixel full HD camera. It is one of the finest invented product by Vivitar with a astonishing camera giving excellent image quality. It comes with a 2.4 GHz remote control that consist of 2 long-distance antennas. This video drone  comes with splendid features that includes GPS navigation and follow me technology. It also the capability of providing live-feed via Wi-Fi app. Overall it’s a perfect fit for those who wants splendid video quality and want to have extra ordinary peak shots.


This is another fine invention of Vivitar that comes with fully HD camera and offers live video feed over Wi-Fi like its fellow Sky-View Drone. With this quad copter one can have real time flying experience. It comes with follow me and GPS tracking features  and has flight period of about 12 minutes with  maximum range up to 1000 feet. Summing up all It is a small budget drone and comes with all necessary tools required for setup but one thing that lags this drone behind is its flight time as its really small and one need to buy extra batteries to maximize its performance.


Another invented product of Vivitar that comes with almost same features as of sky view and aero drone with an addition to 360 degree camera that can go around in circles and with its rotation it could flip in 4 directions that gives bigger and better shots.


Air defender drone comes with 16 mp camera along with 2 fully integrated Lipo batteries which maximize flight time up to 10-15 minutes for each. Moreover this quad copter has a flight range of 200 meters and comes with both features of handling via mobile app or remote controller.


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