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Top 4 Best Waterproof Drones – Underwater Drone Fishing

Top drone fishing brands

DJI is the world’s leading commercial and civilian drone industry, accounting for over 70% of the drone market. Their drones have excellent flight control system and are easy and intuitive to fly, most of their drones have auto take off and landing capabilities. Their cameras are better than any others out there in the market. For drone fishing, we need to install our own bait release mechanisms like downrigger as we mentioned before but the ones on the higher end come with a mount where we can install their automatic bait release mechanism.

One of their top drones, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, has the longest range available. Maxing out around 7km which is an overkill for drone fishing.


  • Excellent Camera and gimbal
  • Can carry payload upto 500 grams
  • Simple Flight controls
  • One key return to home
  • Top speed of 70 Kmph
  • Long flight time


3DR Prior to 2016, the company designed and marketed commercial and recreational UAVs. Specifically, produced consumer drones, ready-to-fly quadcopters for aerial photography and mapping, and fixed wing UAVs. Their drone, 3DR Quadcopter Solo, is probably the most inexpensive drone one can buy without giving up on performance. This drone does not come with a camera but has a mount to install one. If you have a GoPro, it would fit perfectly on the drone.It has auto takeoff and landing capabilities. We have to install our own payload release mechanism and note that it has to be light as its payload capacity is on the lower end, around 450 grams.


  • Long flight time
  • Easy to fly
  • Affordable
  • Max speed of 85Kmph
  • Light and easy to carry around


  • Does not come with a camera
  • Has a small range, around 0.8Km
  • No water resistance

SwellPro makes the ultimate waterproof drones. They have drones designed specifically for fishing and marine purposes. So their drones can endure the conditions at the sea better than others. They also include lost drone beacon which keeps transmitting its location even if its battery is drained and it can not fly, which makes it easier to retrieve the drone in a worst case scenario. They come with payload release mechanism.

Their Splash Drone 3 is Built for drone fishing. One of the best drones in this category.

The controller comes with an inbuilt screen for live video


  • Long flight time
  • Waterproof
  • Floats on water
  • Pre installed payload release mechanism
  • Lost drone beacon
  • Can carry payload upto 1Kg


  • No gimbal
  • Average flight time

Ideafly is a chinese UAVs developer. It uses the DJI’s Flight Controller technology, which means this drone also has a top quality flight control system. Their high-performance quadcopter Poseidon 480 is waterproof and can handle the rainstorm and level 5 wind without any difficulty. It comes with a bait drop mechanism. However the camera doesn’t come with a gimbal but can be manually adjusted to point straight ahead or below or at an angle, before the flight.


  • Good Range
  • Easy to fly
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with a payload release mechanism
  • Can carry payload upto 1.2Kg


  • The payload release mechanism does not have waterproofing
  • No gimbal
  • Camera could be better

Yuneec  is a US company that makes high quality drones. They have an amazing camera that can focus on an object and track it wherever it goes, which lets us lock the camera onto a school of fish and track them even if they move around in the ocean. Their Typhoon series has an excellent flight capabilities. Any way, these drones do not come with any bait dropping mechanism so, we have to install a downrigger to use this for fishing.

Their Typhoon H is a hexacopter, it has 6 propellers that provide high stability.


  • Easy to fly
  • Has excellent stability
  • Good range
  • Wide angle camera with 360 degree movement, makes it perfect for drone fishing


  • Does not come with a bait release mechanism
  • Bulky case makes it hard to transport
  • Huge transmitter

You can buy one at

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