Top 10 Bags For Your DJI Spark Drone – 2020 Best Backpack

Best 10 BAGS FOR DJI SPARK – Why do you need a backpack for DJI spark?

DJI Spark is very famous and admired drone in the market, mainly because of its high speed, functionality and most importantly size. It is a miniature and its size is almost equal to a standard smart phone . Day by day its demand is increasing and so thus its owners count. With the increasing demand of the product, demand of its bag for its safety and security is also increasing. There are many cases developed considering the safety of DJI Spark along with its components, and many more are being developed. Although DJI Spark is a mini drone and could fit in any bag pack or small case but the requirement of its pilots, of having a perfectly fitting and assembled bags, is triggering manufacturers to manufacture variety of bag packs that meets pilots demand. Some of the most liked bag backs for DJI Spark drone are as follows:-


This excellently designed case is number one on list because of its incredible offerings in terms of Spark protection, safety and perfectly fitting interior. If someone is looking for ultimately DJI Spark bag along with all the necessary tools one needs for Spark than this backpack is the best choice. This backpack is a combination of hard shell and soft fabric sides made up of rigid foam and aluminum. It has several cutouts for Spark, its Remote Controller , charger, and its batteries. This case has limited use as its interior foam has cutouts customized only for spark accessories. Total weight is 3.31 lbs and dimensions  range is 12.7x7x27.1”.


Nanuk 905 waterproof bag takes number 2 on the list as it is most  liked case for DJI Spark and is designed with so much attention and confidence that the manufacturers gives lifetime warranty of the case. It is waterproof case with extremely hard shell that comes with dimensions of 12.5x 10.1×6 and weighs just 3.6lb. This case is especially designed for DJI Spark  and its tools therefore could not be used for any other devices. It holds a special room for the spark and its RC in the shape of pre cut protective form and has additional space for other accessories like cable, chargers, batteries and other props. Its water resistance and integrated micro vent protects drone from any mishap or any change in environment. This bag is a perfect alternative for those who are seeking full protection for their Sparks and that too in a an average small size.


The Polar Pro Mini case comes at number 3 as it’s a perfect choice for those who are considering a smooth, handy and an affordable case for their spark. This Plastic case is a travel friendly case that has a sub case inside the main case so that spark and your drone kit will easily fit together inside it. Moreover, this mini case has space of two batteries along with DJI Spark, or else could hold one battery, a charger and the drone .It also has carabiner loop that is detachable and could be used for other bags. It is  really small and light weighted bag with dimensions of 7.9×7.9×2.6 and weight up to 3.52 oz, but lacks to give full protection as its outer layer is really soft and is not water-Proof.


As the name says this case is a multipurpose case for Spark as well as for all other DJI quad copters. It comes as a soft backpack made up of tough nylon material that has multiple compartments which can accommodate variety of accessories and other exterior components like action cameras, carabiner etc  . The size of this bag is approximately 5.7x12x17.9 inches and weighs almost 2.7lbs. This is choice of most people because of its multiple offerings, as it cannot only fit your drone but can also be a house for your laptop, head phones, tablets, other loose items. Price range of this bag is around 100$, which is quite reasonable  and hence makes its position 4 on the list of 10, so if you want a single case for multiple items then this is the bag you should consider  but if someone is looking a bag just for DJI Spark that solely focuses on its protection and safety than this backpack might not be the right choice.


This fine piece is a designed with semi-hard shell and total water resistance ability to give your spark extra layer of protection. It is an extremely comfortable fit for DJI Spark and comes in a very reasonable price. It overall weight is of about 1.28lbs and comes in dimensions of 12.5×9.8×4.4”. The interior of this fine case comprises of a EVA Foam that has several cutouts for the spark, its batteries, remote controller , charger and its cables. These cutouts are designed in a way that can solely accommodate DJI Spark and its accessories, thus making its use restricted to spark only. Overall it is a very good case for DJI Spark and gives an average protection to the drone, but if someone is looking for multipurpose bag than this case is not recommended, as it has restricted usage and is suitable only for Spark, which takes this case to number 5 in the list.


This is a perfectly designed case is number 6 on the list because of its protection, safety , perfectly fitting interior and its various compartments for each and every small accessory of DJI Spark. This fine case has nylon hard shell shoulder bag that weighs only 1.1 lbs and comes with water resistant ability. It can carry 5 flight batteries, and is simple yet perfect fit for drone and its accessories in the shape of 12 small compartments customized only for spark , and has additional zipper for holding tablet or mobile phones. Moreover this bag comes with a strap and a handle so that it could either be carried via adjustable shoulder strap or by its handle.


This fine invention by Lowepro is a comfortable case that has an emerging demand in the market because of its multi-functions. It is  a secure case that has water resistant hard shell and high quality compartments to accommodate and protect DJI Spark and its accessories. It has 3 storage pockets in which 1st  can accommodate laptops, tablets, gears etc, along with main storage pocket that has a sub pocket which accommodate main DJI Spark and flying tools and finally front top pocket for miscellaneous items. It is an ideal bag for DJI Spark in terms of protection as it is resistant and comes with rain fly along with multiple storage spaces offered that is hard to find in any other bag at the price of this case .


This is a highly recommended bag if the concern is only protection and safety of DJI Spark, as this bag is unbreakable due to its polypropylene plastic outer hard shell. It is also a water proof bag that enhances the security of the drone. This fully protected bag weighs about 6.17 lbs and comes in 16.12×3.38×7.08 dimensions. Additional feature that enhance its protection and keeps the drone secure from water, liquid or any other mishap is of IP67 rating. This is the most powerful and secure bag for DJI spark but due to its multiple offerings it has very high cost.


If someone is only concerned about the size of the bag and a want only smooth place to carry drone then powerExtra Portable Bag is the best option. Having a standard size of about 9.45×6.3×5.12 inches and weight up to 14.1 ounces  only, this mini case offers you a perfect compartment to carry your spark. It is  a simple bag that comes with a nice padded interior  for spark along with few front pockets for small accessories. It may not offer much protection like water resistance , hard outer layer etc but it is a best choice for someone who is only looking for a suitable place to reside Spark for traveling purpose and all-day comfort and is not much concerned about any mishap or weather condition.


This small shoulder bag is simple and smooth bag offered by DJI themselves  to shelter spark and some other drones. It comes with a space to house Spark, its batteries and its Remote Controller. This shoulder bag also comes with two pockets on the flap and front respectively that is suitable for cables, wires, memory cards and other small items. It has a standard size of 9x7x4 inches and weighs only 1lb, which make it really light to carry and is another good option for travelers who don’t want to burden themselves with heavy metallic carry cases.


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