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Altair 818 Hornet Review

ALTAIR AERIAL DRONES is a fresher brand in drone’s world. Developed by two fellow friends who are greatly fond of drones, this small enterprise offers wide range of drones mainly targeting beginners and intermediate level users. Their developed drones offers quite good functionality and features at really reasonable prices that lies between 120$ to 270$. Most of their best developed drones also lies in the same price range. Though it is an emerging brand therefore it doesn’t have large amount of consumers, but an average amount of users are greatly impressed by this brand mainly because of their good quality products and support at really good price, which is really hard to find in any other brand. Some  of the drones developed Altair Group, that have high demand are  as follows:-


This model by Altair is really liked by new users and kids, and is also a selection of many high tech flyers as it offers really good features and different skill levels that are suitable for entry, middle and advance users. It comes with full HD 720P camera with FPV and 120 Degree lens that offers superior video quality. Hornet beginner drone has flight time of about 15  minutes which could be extended as it has two batteries in the box offered. It comprises of multiple features that includes mobile App Control, LED lights, Altitude Hold and many more.


AAIO8 is another good product by Altair with a flight range of about 100 meters and is also equipped with custom flight mode feature that allow user to have custom flight plan from tablets or mobile phone. Moreover it is capable of having emergency landing warning and automatic landing. It comes with 720P camera that gives splendid quality photos and smooth videos. It has gain more attention mainly because of its ready to fly ability . As soon as you buy your box, you just have to insert one of the two batteries and start flying it without wasting time  in adjusting its components and tools. It is a mini quad copter that offers flight time of 10 minutes only and is not equipped with GPS. Overall this drone is a good buy and recommended  for beginners, as it is offers you to learn flying skills and techniques at an average price of 120$  only.


This is one of the finest developed drone by Altair company, as it surpasses in functionality and features if compared with other developed models by the brand. This model has sleek and aerodynamic design and has high voltage batteries that supports  flight time of about  18 minutes and range between 300m to 500m. Its fabulous brushless motors helps to have quieter and smooth flight resulting in noiseless motion. Furthermore it consist of action camera mount that comprises of GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 4 camera that enhance its footage quality and one can take aerial and live-action shots. It is very user friendly model and could be used by all level users.


Altair group  is still progressing in drone manufacturing world, but their vision of providing good quality drones at affordable prices and making their use convenient for all age groups  and all skill level is something that gives them attention in the market and attracts more consumers. Their drones are best suitable for beginners, kids and for all those who finds learning technology a big task, but other pro users can also consider these Altair Drones as they have variety of options to choose from based on their choice of speed, functionality, flight times etc.


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