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Swell Pro Splash Drone Pros & Cons – Reviewed


In this golden Era of technology, almost everything has been digitalized. It is true that technology has made our lives much easier and convenient  if compared to older times. We use technology almost in every aspect of life, it might be as a coffee coming from coffee maker or our interactions with our family, friends etc all around the world via smart phones. We rely on technology like we rely on water, but both together cannot have interaction and can’t be used together unless we have Swell Pro Splash Drone.


Since the drone technology has evolved drones have become very popular and is becoming everyone’s favorite hobby. There are many people who use it for their leisure time, while there are  others who have adopted this activity as their profession. They make professional and high resolution videos of immersive heights, mid of hills, forests etc. With the development of new Swell Pro Splash Drone, they have also got an opportunity to capture shots under water as this newly developed gadget is an IP67 waterproof drone that allows all water activities hence totally eradicating the fear of technology interaction with water .


This master piece is designed in orange color which is quite a new color in drone market, and supported by four brushless motors of 2206 to 1420 Kilo Volts. It has a  flying time of 16 minutes per battery charge  and could go as high as 2600 feet with approximately 43mph speed range. Swell Pro Drone comes with 4k  waterproof camera ( enclosed in a glass dome that too is water proof ) on a 2 axis brushless gimbals. This amazing 4K camera allows smooth video stabilization and have the ability to record video of 4k at 30fps along with  12 mega pixels photos. One thing that makes Swell Pro completely different from other drones is its flight controllers that are equipped with sensors which can detect sensitivity, precisions and other risk factors more accurately than other drones. The controller is always in loop mood and keeps on examining if their possibility of any error and offers redundancy to improve flight stability.  Because of this amazing feature one can fly with more confidence whether in water, oceans, lakes or rain, without having any doubt or fear in mind. Along with high quality censors this drone  holds many impressive flight modes like Follow me and Mission Planning. In flight mode you can make your drone constantly follow you and change its direction towards you as you change your position  whereas mission planning mode allows you to set some waypoints on the map and your drone will follow and execute the path.


It is evident from above discussion that this  drone is truly a masterpiece of next level in drones family, that allows you to expand your droning from land to water , oceans to lakes and almost in all water related activities. It will allow you to fly it in any kind of weather conditions as it is assembled to bear up a wind up to Beaufort Force 4. Despite the fact that it is on number one on to buy list,  not everyone could afford it  because of its high cost . Its only setback is its price and high functionality. Because of its high tech functionality and advance features drone itself has very high cost, in addition  to which buyers have to buy extra accessories which are overly expensive and are  necessary to buy in order to avail its  full potential .Another  factor that lag this gadget behind is its functionality which is no doubt really advanced and offers multiple features as compared to other drones but it’s not possible for every individual to control it. Someone who have been using drones for a while and have technical knowledge will not have any issue in handling this gadget but  others who are newbie in drones market its recommended to have some training and knowledge of using drones before planning to buy Swell Pro Drone. However if someone can afford it and holds technical knowledge and experience , then it is highly recommended as it will give you extremely high tech experience .


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