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Best Drones For Kids

Top Drones You Can Buy For Your Kids

In this golden Era of technology, everything is converting into digital form, for example we started with black and white hand-made portraits and moved further to reel cameras and VCRs  which were considered major accomplishments of that time , but were soon replaced by cameras with memory cards . This evolution didn’t stopped on reels, there was a continuous progress in the technology and we moved from memory card cameras to DSLRs, smart phones and now on Drone Photography . Drone photography is one of the utmost liked activity  of all age groups these days. Not only adults but kids are paying  attention to this gadget. As we know most of the drones are quite expensive because of their high tech features and henceforth parents often avoid buying such expensive gadgets because kids can’t control them. But with day by day emerging technologies many manufacturers have stepped in the market with a solution to this problem and has designed many drone models that are suitable for kids. Some of them among them are as follows:-


The utmost part of Tello is its  five MP camera that is fit for recording 720p video it can fly 30 feet high with a scope of around 300 feet. Most drones that cost fewer hundred dollars  have low resolution. No other drone, which cost less dollar hundred can support electronic picture adjustment. Its single battery charge offers 13 minutes of flying. It can be controlled by cell phone using free app or optional remote controller can be bought. It is easy to be used by kids  as they can control it easily by their smart phone or remote control. Some strong and weak points of this gadget are as follows:


  • It is Programmed to takeoff and landing.
  • It has 5-megapixel camera.
  • It has VR capacity.
  • It is Programmable by utilizing our own custom code.


  • Flight time is reduced when recording video, so additional batteries are prescribed.


This is one of the friendliest drone for kids as it doesn’t require any controller and is best      suitable for kids of age between 4 to 14 years. It hardly weighs 4 ounce and is equipped with a motion detecting sensor because of which kids can control it with their hands by giving directions. The sensor also comes with the ability of detecting any obstacle during flight time so it will not crash or get damaged by hitting anything. It also comes with a steering on which kids can put their hands and control the drone. Furthermore it has an average battery life that could be charged within one hour and offers 8 minutes of flight time. Some weakness and strength of this drone are as follows:-


  • It is easy to fly and toss in air.
  • It flies consequently around a room.
  • It has some amusing LED lights.


  • Its battery life time is small and offers only 8 minutes of flight.


As from the name, we can see it is easy for beginners to use. It is specially designed for kids. It has various speed modes, headless directing and the capacity to hold elevation. In any case, it additionally has much better utility for photography and videography because of a long battery life and a truly steady drift. It has only one button to take off and to land. It can fly for 15 minutes with single battery charge.720Hd camera is installed in this drone from which live photos or videos can be taken and are automatically saved to our mobile phones or in a memory card. Though this drone is one of the best drone for kids and for beginners level but  like any other product iy comes with some pros and some cons which are as follows :-


  • It is great choice for all ages as it is easy to control.
  • It is extremely stable.
  • It has incredible battery life.


  • It has short FPV range.


It is one of the most popular drone and is a development of one of the top manufacturers of drone in the market. It weighs only 300g and  can detect the obstacles from 16 feet away. It also has the ability to detect hand gestures and is equipped with 12 MP camera which offers high quality pictures and 1080p video resolution. It also supports live streaming with Wi-Fi connection and has flight time ranging between 14 to 16 minutes. It can be controlled by your smart phones by downloading DJI spark app or by attaching a controller. DJI spark has some pros and cons, which are below:


  • It has multiple control options.
  • It has intelligence flight mode.
  • It has FPV cable with optional VR set.
  • It has obstacle detection system.


  • It has short flight time so it is recommended to double check the battery connection before each fight.
  • It has low wind resistance.


This mini drone offers best quality feature s and comes with extremely good price range that is really suitable to buy for kids. It is small and light weighted with strong body. It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors flights as its strong body protects from crashing or unsafe landings. It has one takeoff and landing button. A20 mini drone has high altitude and directional features. From directional features, we can lock the direction and it can fly in one direction. It also gives alarm when it is going out of range or when the battery is low during flight to prevent from crashing. It has 12 minutes of flight time. The pros and cons of A2o mini drone are a follow:


  • It has low cost of not more than 50 dollars.
  • Comes with good and user friendly features hence could be controlled easily by  kids.


  • It has no obstacle detection sensor and doesn’t perform well in wind, breeze or inappropriate weather conditions.


Another highly recommended drone for kids is Space Key FPV Wi-Fi Drone, which is used widely buy adults as well of beginners level. Due to its single take off and landing button it is really easy to learn and control. It is convenient for indoors and outdoors flight’s and comes with LED lights and 3D flip function which offers additional fun. Moreover  it comes with 720P AND 30 FPSHD camera that allows it user to have clear and full HD pictures and videos of resolution up to 1280x720p. In addition to all these features this drone offer a gravity  sensor mode and altitude hold functions  with which it keeps the track of its user who is handling it from mobile app and provides stable flight of about 5 to 7 minutes.


  • It has altitude hold function.
  • Easy to use.


  • It has Low battery life, that minimizes flight duration.

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