DJI Spark Range & Review


One of the smallest and most incredible drone developed till date is DJI Spark,  completely equipped with DJI signature technology. This mini drone weighs only 300 grams but offers maximum functionality that an average drone can offer. Equipped with tons of  premium features Spark gives user to control the drone solely with mobile phones or tablets. It is not necessary to have a controller separately.


DJI Spark has really impressive flight range that a drone of this size can ever have. Maximum transmission range of this miniature while using controller is up to 2000 m which is approximately 6,561 feet and have video transmission range of up to 2 km with maximum speed ranging between 28mph to 31 mph (50kph), whereas if you don’t wish to buy controller and want to fly and control your drone  with tablet or phone than range is minimized to 100m   to 200m in distance and 50m in height.

Though average range of this miniature looks  small but one should not forget about power  factor of this miniature. We should always have this in mind that the average lifetime of battery is 13-15 minutes and after that signals will be lost if you flew your drone beyond specified meters and drone will be out of range causing major failure. Although there is always an option of swapping dead battery with a new charged one but for that your drone shouldn’t be far away from you.

Though the range is small, it still manages to offer you incredible photography and video recordings without  any interruptions. Image and video quality is always a strength of this miniature. It works more appropriately indoor as there is no obstacle that will interrupt its motion thus resulting in  perfect shots and  moreover you can do droning  throughout your house as range will be always in your hand, but while flying outside just be aware of power factor and weather conditions and try to  fly within 100-200 meter to get better quality shots and  to have your drone in your control.


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