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Parrot Mini Drone Review


Individuals are grasping the thought of owning drones because they are helping in every field whether it is business, military, hospital or education.  Because of this  emerging demand of drones, manufacturers are  in  big competition and trying their best to provide best drone to the extent possible. In this competition Parrot Manufacturers are emerging high and high day by day because of their unique strategy behind their products. They are among one of the best innovative drone manufacturers who develop unique products that gives their consumers best flying experience . They design mini quad copters that almost meet all those requirements that drones of big sizes beholds. Some of the best invented mini drones by parrots are as follows:-


This drone is the latest developed product of Parrot company. This is a powerful and strong drone that has very strong resistant capabilities. It can not only resist wind and unusual climate but is also water proof. It is ready to fly drone and just need small customization before its ready to fly. It  comes with extremely user friendly features and  could be controlled via smart phones or tablets,  hence it is really  suitable for kids and beginners. Since it is a mini quad copter, it weighs only 58 gram, and thus have incredible speed of about 11.18mph. It is equipped with a vertical mini camera that could be flipped in all directions.  Other strong and down points are as follows:-


  • It provides automatic landing.
  • It has removable wheels.
  • It is easy to learn and easy to fly.


  • It has poor camera quality.
  • It has short flight time.
  • There is no power button.


This drone is also new in Parrot Company just like airborne night drone. It has some features similar  to air borne night drone. It can also travel in air and water and have plastic body. It is mainly developed  for kids and has extremely low costs. It can fly with the speed of 11.18mph and with the range of 20 meters and perform acrobatic stunt in the air. It has short flight period of about 10 minutes. It  comes with multiple attachments where small objects could be attached . Overall this miniature that weighs not  more than 54g is only recommended for kids due to its limited functionality and extremely reasonable price.


  • It comprises of three different landing modes with automatic landing and takeoff.
  • It has attractive design.
  • It comes in very cheap price.


  • Its camera quality is low.
  • It has low battery life.
  • It is only for kids.


Parrot mini rolling spider is controlled by your smart phones or tablets by connected it to Bluetooth and is not controlled by any controller. It has a vertical camera and a pressure sensor. It gives very stable flight and it could be either  indoor or  outdoor. It comes with the ability to perform quick 90 and 180 degree turns. It has 5 to 8 minutes of flight time whereas its battery   takes 90 minutes to charge.


  • It has great flight performance.
  • It has innovative features.
  • It has excellent durability.
  • It is in fair price.



This mini jumping sumo is  also controlled by  a mobile app, which is installed in smart phones or tablets. It has a maximum flight distance of 50km. It comes with an excellent camera that captures  qualitative picture ,videos and allows live streaming. It doesn’t have very strong battery life as it supports only 6 to 9 minutes of flight and completely drains within 20 minutes. Furthermore it  takes quite long time almost ranging between 80 to 90 minutes to charge.


  • It is very stable and is able  to rotate and jump on its wheels.
  • It is highly durable.
  • It is very easy to control.


  • It can be easily damaged because of jumping.
  • It has small flight time.
  • It faces connectivity problem
  • Battery takes long time to charge and drains fast


Although most of the drones manufactured by Parrot company are  designed for kids and beginners but its recently invented quad copter Anafi is a perfect answer to competitors like Mavic Air. This product by Parrot comes with a lot of zooming capabilities . It also comes with the ability to capture HDR shots that is not possible in other models of this price range. Furthermore it comes with 4K tilt camera that could be tilted forward and backward. Parrot Anafi comes with a remote controller that perfectly fits in flyer’s hands. In addition to all these this product of Parrot comes with excellent battery that offers 21 minutes of flight time and could be charged through any USB ports. Overall this product is really good competition for Mavic Pro, if some slight software hanging  issues reported  recently by its users could be resolved.


  • Have long battery life
  • Unique lens and features
  • Provides HDR Videos and smooth video stabilization


  • Not a user friendly drone as it is difficult to fly
  • Very delicate design


From the above discussion, it is concluded that Parrot Drones are suitable for kinds and beginners as they offers standard features at reasonable prices, but they still need to improve quality and durability of their products. Parrot drones holds really attractive design and colors but its functionality, software, specs are not long lasting. It is an average product that is not recommended for professionals and someone who requires high tech drone.


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