BEST 10 Bags For Your Drone in 2020


Why do you need a backpack for your done?

Travelling is a new trend, people love to travel these days and  mostly to places with natural sites like peaky mountains, flowing lakes,  flaunting towers or to some calm and relaxing valley around hills. And likewise they want to capture these memories to remember them forever, which they are able to do so with the help of drone technology that helps them to take aerial shots of peaky mountains or of a splendid view between two hills. But one concern they always had was to have a secure and perfect case or bag that in holds their drone as it is not possible to hold it in bare hands while travelling and they are concerned about the safety of their investment. Manufacturers paid great attention to this concern and came with variety of Drone bags which drone users can choose based on their priorities which could either be safety and protection of their drones, enough space,  or to have a comfortable light weighted bag at affordable price meeting their comfort level. Though there are many drone bags in the market, but top 10 based on consumer choice are listed below:-


This medium gear backpack is product by Manfrotto that offers quite pleasant and numerous storage sections for small drones and other small accessories like camera, lens, chargers etc. This backpack comes with a decent price that ranges between 50$ to 90$. This flexible and handy bag has a main compartment that is designed to hold a DSLR attached to 70-200f/2.8 lens, with an addition to three more lenses. It has  two external pockets that can be used to store similar items and could also be used to attach a tripod. It comes with a padded handle grip, strap and padded shoulder harness due to which It could be carried with utmost comfort. This is an average backpack for those who want to have a suitable space for residing their drones and want to make use of it for other accessories as well.


This case is mainly designed for those people who are fond of hiking and often carry their drones or cameras to heights, or steep places. BP 350 is made up of a comfortable material and is well padded so that one can easily carry it on shoulders without having disturbed back. Furthermore it has a very light weight as it weighs only 3.08lbs that makes travelling and carrying this bag more comfortably. It has 3 split compartments classified as internal, external and tablet compartment that varies in size. Internal compartment has dimension of 23x14x26 cm whereas external and tablet has 28x20x51cm and 23×2.5×24 cm respectively. It also offers a pocket for storing water bottle and has multiple attachments which could be used for attaching gears, tripod or other tools.


This case is an all rounder as it can be a home for variety of drones like DJI, P3A, P3P, P4, DJI, Phantom 4 and all other quad copters that has size up to 11.4×7.25z11.4 inches. This fabulous case not only offers a perfect space for drones but has a suitable compartments for Radio transmitters, batteries, chargers, gimbal and many other tools. Furthermore it comes with many small external and internal pockets that can be used to store your mini accessories like wires, memory cards etc. The value of this bag pack doubles because of its doubled  padded interior and its powerful zipper that enhances the safety of drone. Beside all these,  the material used for this bag is completely water resistant that keeps the drone safe from any mishap.


Polarpro backpack is designed to accommodate multiple accessories. It can be a home for not only to your drone and its accessories but could also accommodate DSLR Cameras, lenses , tablets and laptops of about 15 inches. It is mostly used for DJI Phantom 4 drone and could also perfectly fit for other drones as its interior walls could be pressed together to fit around the product residing inside. Aside from all these properties, this case comes with a life time warranty and includes lightweight rain cover. The bag itself is very lightweight and has size of about 19x13x19.5 inches which meets carry-on restriction guidelines for most of the airlines and this property also makes the carrying process comfortable hence not  making the carrier tired.


Designed with considering all needs of the carrier, this backpack is another fine invention by LowerPro group that provides variety of compartments ranging from big to small in sizes in order to accommodate accessories of all sizes. It is a flexible backpack that comes with a strap system on its either sides giving you the ability to strap your tripod, trekking poles, skateboards, and many other items. It also has clear-mesh pocket to give a home to your wallet, keys, mobile phones etc. Mostly it is a choice of Mavic Pro Platinum and GoPro Action Camera owners. Its flexibility and reflexive details on the case for nighttime visibility allows them to carry it comfortably anywhere, anytime without any major  mishap.


Hobbytiger is a case that  has very solid exterior which givers extra protection to drones. This case is designed mainly for residing Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 drones. It is suitable for daily travelers as in spite of  having hard shell it is still lightweight. It encompasses many features like of having damage control, smooth material that lessen  the pressure of carrier, easy to wear, s comfortable zipper closure , soft and thick interior pads and many more at a very low price range. It is highly recommended for day to day travelling purposes, as it givers all those facilities that an average bag could offer that too at a reasonable price.


SSE bags has variety of models  to accommodate drones at very cheap rate. Initially SSE bags were designed to offer accommodation only to Phantom Drone Series but later on they grew their production measures and now offers backpack for all drones which are of size of Phantom or a bit smaller. All bags comes with standard features that aims to provide protection, either in the form of backpack slip cover or in the shape of adjustable straps in aluminum hard shell case. SSE bags have variety of sections that can  not only hold drone devices but also its supporting accessories like batteries, charging cables, smart phones, tablets or laptop up to 15 inches. The price of each bag based on its features differs but an average price range is 35$ and above.


Solely designed with the purpose of giving an enhanced, classy and secure space for Phantom 4 drones. It is one of the most lightweight and versatile bag that weighs only 4.6 pounds but offers enough and compatible space for your devices. The custom design of this bag is made with strong polyester material that enhances lifetime of the case, and can store Drone, its propellers, chargers, additional batteries, iPad or Tablet, water bottle and small items like Sd cards etc. Its durability and perfect fitting figure for Phantom 4 enhances its name in consumer market.


GPC cases have a very high demand in the market mostly by professional users and are usually not consider by beginner or mediators. These bags comes with an extremely hard exterior also known as military grade shell and holds a high quality foam inside that has several cutouts that perfectly fit your drone and its accessories. It can store all necessary gadget that one needs to carry for their event, either be a wedding or movie shoot or an underground drill shots. Its solid outer edge  which is water resistant gives its owner a relief about their expensive gadgets , that they are secure and free from any mishap. This master piece can store specific drone (based on GPC version), its batteries, charging cables,  propellers and many small supporting tools. Apart from all these things it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.


Originally designed for Phantom 4 and 4 Pro lykus is a water resistant backpack mostly admired by those who frequently travels. It is extremely lightweight as it is manufactured with lightweight canvas material and thus is easy to carry all day without causing any health problem. It can store Phantom 4 and 4 pro drones along with their supporting equipments like 4 propellers, tablet, 4 batteries and many small items in its  lower section whereas it has a separate upper section for its charger and remote controller. It gives a perfect solution for someone seeking a  light partner to carry their drone while travelling.


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