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Here we are going to review the top 3 Fish finders available in the market. If you don’t know what a fish finder is, it is a device that is used to locate fish, underwater debris and identify vegetation and terrain underwater. It uses different technologies like SONAR, compass and GPS navigation system to do this.

These devices can accurately locate the fish underwater and give us helpful information like the depth at which you can find them and some can even give you the school’s latitude and longitude using the GPS. If you are a fisherman looking for a better catch or a treasure hunter searching for wreckage, these devices can make your work easier by locating things underwater, for you.

The top 3 picks are

  1. Garmin Striker 4 GPS fish finder This device is very easy to install, comes with GPS. It stands out for its high sensitivity and excellent speed. It includes a CHIRP 2D sonar with temperature capability. It also uses dual frequencies, 77kHz and 220kHz. The CHIRP sonar sends continuous pulses, the reason for its speed and high sensitivity. It has a current draw of 0.23A at 12V. The device is available in different screen sizes and the screen has a IPX7 rating, which means it can be submerged up to 1m underwater for 30 minutes. They claim a maximum depth of 1,600ft in fresh water and 750ft in salt water. You can also mark and return to hotspots, docks and ramps. One of the cons with this one is the lack of latitudinal and longitudinal information. It also does not come with a NMEA connectivity which provide a plug and play capability
  2. Deeper Smart Sonar PRO + This Fish finder comes with a built in GPS and can connect to devices over wifi. So, you can use any device with a wireless connection like mobile phones and ipads. It has a large casting range of 330ft and can scan down to 260ft. It uses dual frequencies one is 55 degree wide beam at 90kHz and the other, a 15 degree narrow beam at 290kHz. It is suitable for ice, boat, kayak and shore fishing which makes it quite versatile. It can read the vegetation, fish, fish size, and terrain. A common problem users experience with this device is with connectivity. When it suddenly disconnects you have to reel in the sonar probe to reconnect..
  3. Vexilar SP200 T-box fish finder This one functions directly with your smartphone or your tablet and is compatible with any screen size. It connects with the mobile device wirelessly. It creates its own hotspot and you can share the signal with as many people as you wish, who are in range. It is a permanently mounted system. Since the transducer completely sinks into the water, there is a visual display of the ongoing events going on down there. Some of its features include automatic ranging, water temperature, depth indicator, audible alarms for fish, shallow and low battery indicator, tracking and noise rejection. The common con with this fish finder is the lag in relaying the data to the mobile unit. 

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