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Promark Shadow Drone Review


Nowadays Drone shots or drone photography is becoming new hobby and is gradually becoming everyone’s favorite mainly because of its ability of aerial footage and shots. Initially when Drone technology was launched it was not possible for everyone to avail it, as it was really expensive and was really hard to control due to which it was used only by professionals, but now with growing technical capabilities we have lot more options where we can choose among variety of drones that suits us in terms of price range, specification, drone controlling levels etc .There are variety of Drones in the market offering really good features at affordable rates which  are suitable for entertainment purposes like vlogging, video graphics, movie shots and many more. One among them is Promark Shadow drone that is getting more and more attention due to its high tech features and affordable price.


Promark Shadow Drone, a newly launched quad copter which is not only affordable but comes with immense functionality and features. Promark Shadow drone is a perfect competitor for Companies like DJI, Holy Stone and many others that are ruling market with their expensive drone  models .This drone offers  12 minutes of flying time with a single battery recharge, which is 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery that works at a voltage of 7.4 volts. It offers high quality drone camera which can handle memory cards up to 32 GB .It comes with auto function, as you just have to plug SD card at the end of the drone, and all graphics or videos captured will automatically be transferred in to the card. Videos and pictures quality is really good but some issues are reported in video feed as it breaks a bit making graphics peculiar sometimes. Apart from this issue, there are all great things in this drone. One of the amazing feature is Barometer Altitude Hold, which allows to lock the height of the drone, so that this particular height will  be automatically maintained by the drone as long as in flight without any intervention of the user. Another amazing feature one can get with this amazing quad copter is its one-key return landing, enabled with GPS, it allows the drone to automatically  come  back and land on exact take off position . Some  features of this amazing quad copter are highlighted as below.


Flight is really smooth most of the times without any error or technical interventions. The range of the flight is up to 500 meters. Maximum speed is 20 miles for every hour. Due to the weight of the drone which is just 664 grams,  it operates more efficiently. Moreover this quad copter accompanies 3D goggles that allow you to appreciate the FPV experience. These goggles are really comfortable, fits consummately to your face. Other options like follow me, Barometer height hold, FPV bundle, and so forth along with live transmission of video to the controller makes this drone more alluring and incredible.


Promark Shadow drones comes with  mobile application that is supported by both IOS and Android. Similar to the drone, its mobile application is also user friendly and works really smoothly. User can capture shots and videos and can also enjoy live stream with this app .


Considering the price of this drone, the  nature of the controller isn’t awful. It is capable to get OSD live information from the drone. It has GPS incorporated with it. Maximum duration of the controller is approximately 4 hours , and takes around 1-hour maximum to fully charge again .


Promark Shadow drone is equipped with high-end GPS system not in just drone but in the controller as well which enables Follow-me mode, Return Home Mode, Altitude hold mode with barometer precision. A user can have very stable flight with the advanced GPS Positioning system which also makes its handling and control really smooth, giving opportunity to use this drone even to those who are new in flying drones.


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