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DJI Spark Honest Review – Should You Buy It?

Why you should buy DJI Spark in 2020?

DJI Technology is ruling in market and taking its name higher and higher day by day with their continuous remarkable inventions. Originated in China, this company adopted a strategy that was much needed at the time when drone market was growing and it is because of that wise step by the Chinese owner DJI is one of the famous and top rated developers or Drones in the world. They entered the market when drone world just started and gave excellent products at really good prices, moreover one thing that distinct them from other competitors is that their developed gadgets have zero learning curve. When drones technology  started  emerging in the market it gained tremendous attention by a lot of individuals and everyone wanted to avail it and experience flying it, but many couldn’t mainly because of their high cost and their extremely high technology ,so one need to have good technical skills in order to use it and that’s what most  people were not willing to do. DJI developed a platform and offered high quality ready to fly drones with no experience and that too at all price ranges. One of the fine development among their models is DJI Spark Drone, also known as pocket friend because of its small size.  This developed model is a mini drone  featuring all DJI’s signature technology and is one the cheapest drone offered by DJI.


Although there are many drones with small infrastructure, but Spark is one of a kind. Stuffed with DJI’s signature technology it holds all high tech features that one can imagine in a miniature like this. Having measurement of 143 x 143 x 55 mm and weight approximately 300 grams it eliminates the concern of having a bag pack or safe place for its safety as it could easily fit in your pocket  or any pouch and could be used anywhere anytime allowing you to seize your perfect moments, whenever needed. Its small size not an obstacle to its functionality, as it is fully equipped with all advance features a drone have like GPS, Flight stabilization, obstacle detection and is also capable of  recognizing hand gestures as flying commands. This miniature holds 12-mega Pixel camera which is stabilized mechanically by a 2-axis gimbal, in addition to 12 mp camera, this masterpiece of DJI is also equipped with 3D infrared camera with the purpose of detecting any obstacle if appeared and also to support hand gestures.   User can shoot 1080p video at 30fps. DJI Spark accompanies incredible motors that make its motion acrobatic in air. Though it have smooth flight stabilization, it still struggles to float within the sight of an overwhelming breeze, as it shakes in the breeze at an off axis. Minimum flight duration is 12 to 16 minutes but could be extended by swapping exhausted battery with a charged one. Furthermore this mini drone have  4 automatic modes, grouped as Quickshots, and classified as Helix, Rocket, Dronie and Circle. In order to have aerial shots or selfies one can switch to dronie mode, whereas helix plots an upward spiraling path. In the circle mode can drone  could be rotated around the one  controlling and rocket mode helps to send drone straight into the sky with the camera pointing downwards. Although this is not an end to specifications as DJI have stuffed a lot of small features in this tiny miniature, but based on some main and distinctive features discussed above we have some strength and weakness of this miniature, which are as follows:-


 DJI Spark is a minor, lightweight drone; having phenomenal precisely settled camera; USB charging and propelled highlights like motion controls and obstacle detection. It voyages well and is incredible for aeronautical photographs and video. Palm controlling feature that allows user  to handle the drone with bare hands is truly an amazing thing a drone could offer.


One thing that lag this model behind is its turbulence in wind and its low voltage battery, which if was of high capacity, could extend flight duration of the drone. Controller is another point which minimize its performance as one needs to buy optional controller because one usually hangs and doesn’t give optimal results.


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